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GHD Advisory addresses our clients’ needs for outcomes that challenge the status quo in our rapidly changing business environment.

Our experience in design, delivery and operations allows us to combine new thinking, deep technical expertise, sound business acumen and practical real-world experience to drive efficiencies and growth for our clients across their businesses and asset lifecycle.

GHD Advisory complements our existing services through six business activities:

Structure of GHD Advisory

Our offering is based on an integrated package of services across the lifecycle from when an asset is planned, designed and constructed, through its operations and maintenance, and eventually to decommissioning, closure and capital recycling.

What makes the real difference is that if we prepare a business case for a new project, we have the ability to see it through design and manage construction or, if a client wants to close and dispose of some assets, we understand not only the business and financial implications, but the remediation process itself.

Ultimately, it’s about our clients having more confidence in the advice they are receiving and our goal is to help asset owners improve infrastructure delivery and operations, supporting the long-term sustainability of their businesses.

GHD Advisory enables us to leverage our global connected network, providing clients with access to the full suite of services we have to offer to achieve outcomes that are beyond engineering.