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Asset management

Asset owners worldwide are required to do more with less, continually optimising asset performance to meet their stakeholders' expectations. Effective asset management is moving from a task-focused discipline to a long-term, multidisciplinary process with complex outcomes affecting every facet of an organisation.

GHD combines disciplines and experience across every stage of the asset lifecycle to take a whole-of-life approach to deliver tangible outcomes for our clients and their stakeholders. Our approach is built around the following points:

  • The best programs combine strategic asset management knowledge with deep technical experience. GHD Advisory's Asset Management team blends professionals across disciplines such as architecture, engineering, communications and social sciences with experienced practitioners in every stage of the asset management lifecycle.
  • Long-term asset management means consistently getting it right, anticipating the megatrends and responding to the challenges of disruptive technologies. GHD has been leading the industry on technology changes and advances in asset management practice for much of our 90-year history.
  • Managing the asset lifecycle is about more than cost savings. Our approach focuses on sustaining long-term organisational improvements and best delivery outcomes across a range of measures including safety, social benefits, improved service, reduced cost or any other outcome important to our clients.
  • Regulatory constraints often present major challenges for our clients, Our Advisory team includes regulatory specialists to assist our clients to respond effectively to a given regulatory model.
  • Industry is moving towards optimising overall asset portfolio value and identifying long-term risks instead of focusing on individual assets and short-term gains.
  • Rapid technological changes and the drive toward big data creates new opportunities to increase infrastructure performance, reduce build disruptions and extend asset life: GHD Advisory's Asset Management team combines innovation with the latest asset management systems to enhance our clients' businesses.

The GHD Asset Management team provides asset management services across the whole asset lifecycle in the following focus areas:

  • Asset advisory
  • Asset strategy
  • Asset operations
  • Asset systems

Click here to download an overview of our Asset Management capability or contact:

Steve Sim

Executive Manager, Asset Management
+61 431 175 165 |


GHD’s digital team assists clients to tap into their full business potential by using technology to manage data and drive business value.

We provide digital strategy, tools and services to support operational excellence across multiple business functions to clients across industries throughout the world.

Make better decisions with data

Organisations are brimming with data but don’t tap into its full potential or derive value from this investment. The GHD digital team uses location intelligence, Building Information Modelling (BIM), 3D visualisation and other tools to empower clients to optimise processes, resolve challenges, predict future scenarios and make the right decisions to improve business performance.

Work smarter to save costs and time

Effective digital strategy requires holistic thinking. GHD combines a deep understanding of assets and business processes with data technology expertise to provide real value to data. Our engineers, asset management and business systems specialists employ tools such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), ICS, ICT, data management and analysis and location intelligence.

Apply innovative technology to the built environment

Understanding the power of technology, GHD uses Geographic Information System (GIS) and BIM-based visualisations, 3D data layering and real-time interactive software and applies these tools to critical infrastructure to improve design review, operational awareness, risk assessment, facilities management, process simulation and more. These tools also provide an easy to use and accessible view to your complex business information.


Click here to download an overview of our Digital capability.

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For more information, contact:

Kumar Parakala

Global Leader – Digital
+61 2 9239 7693 |

Infrastructure, investment and economics

As a trusted advisor, we will support you in your decision making through all phases of the business asset lifecycle and provide you with the confidence and support to move on with your investment decisions. We will work with you to understand your risk appetite and assist you to achieve your business and investment objectives.

Our service is underpinned by:

  • Leveraging our specialist skills gained through advising on over 100 billion dollars in transactions in due diligence roles and our intricate understanding of the process and requirements of transactions
  • Tapping into our deep business and technical knowledge of infrastructure assets in delivery and operations with experience in the energy & resources, water, transportation and property & buildings sectors
  • Harnessing the integrated business and technical capabilities of the GHD connected network and applying our extensive knowledge base developed over 85 years

2014 NSW Premier’s Public Sector Award Our Infrastructure team was part of the wider NSW Treasury transaction team that won the 2014 NSW Premier’s Public Sector Award – Building the Economy relating to the long-term lease of the Port of Newcastle.


We deliver on our promises, through customised solutions that provide clarity for business and investment decision making. Our services include:

  • Transaction Advisory
  • Business Case Development
  • Finance and Economic Analysis
  • Logistics and Infrastructure Policy
  • Strategy and Commercial

Click here to download an overview of our Infrastructure Investment and Economics capability or contact:

Richard Fechner

Executive Manager, Infrastructure, Investment and Economics
+61 402 060 217 |

Innovation and commercialisation

Our Innovation and commercialisation services are designed to help you grow your business by turning new ideas into solutions ready for industry.

Drawing on experience gained from our own award- winning innovation program, we have developed an approach focused on connecting industry and infrastructure; collaborating across sectors and building innovation capacity in small, medium and large organisations.

Our approach focuses on connecting people and ideas while building the capacity of small, medium and large organisations to innovate and commercialise.

The benefits of working with our Innovation and Commercialisation team include access to:

  • A global network of industry connected and knowledgeable technical leaders
  • Strong market and commercial knowledge which enables us to match industry needs to new technologies
  • Opportunities to develop and trial innovations in new markets
  • Skills in establishing, managing and supporting innovation programs and commercialising technology

"Programs like this will change the world because it gives a platform for the youth to bring up ideas."
Tim Reardon, Secretary, Transport for NSW
Smart Seeds Judge, Sydney


Click here to download an overview of our Innovation and Commercialisation capability or contact:

Jeremy Stone

Executive Manager, Innovation and Commercialisation
+61 417 586 349 |

Risk, assurance and regulation

A respected player in the provision of risk management and regulatory services, GHD Advisory delivers services to a range of industries, utility and public sectors around the world.

We offer successful strategies through a powerful combination of leading advisory services in regulation and risk coupled with technical, operational and business know-how, management and experience.

GHD recognises that risk, safety and business performance is influenced not only by assets, materials and operations, but also by people, culture, systems and reputation. We help our clients to understand and manage these components more effectively to improve operational and regulatory efficiency, market positioning and to maintain and enhance compliance and social licence to operate.


We have worked with our clients to assess and manage risks, significantly reducing the likelihood of these events occurring.

Our services include:

  • Board and executive risk
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Insurance risk
  • Operational and project risk
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Access services support
  • Utility services

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For more information, contact:

David Bones

Executive Manager, Risk, Assurance and Regulation
+61 431 175 165 |

Strategic communication

GHD Advisory is committed to providing a full service offering throughout the business and project lifecycle. Strategic communication ensures the purposeful use of communication, enabling our clients to achieve their goals. Superior business outcomes result when strategic communication and corporate communications are linked and aligned to the corporate strategy. We have senior advisors with expertise in the following fields:

  • Strategic counsel
  • Risk and reputation management
  • Contentious and multifactorial issues management
  • Governance and leadership communications
  • Change management and engagement strategies
  • Project communications
  • Communication audits and program evaluation
  • Independent program reviews
  • Facilitation

Click here to download an overview of our Strategic communication capability

For more information, contact:

Richard Fechner

Executive Manager, Strategic Communication
+61 2 9239 7222 |