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GHD’s Innovations program cultivates the creative and innovative potential of our people to provide a positive impact on business and the community.

We are fostering a culture of innovation throughout the organisation by providing a framework for the creation, identification and development of ideas in a collaborative climate.

GHD’s Innovations group has helped develop leading edge solutions to the complex issues facing our clients and the community through the harnessing of the diverse technical capabilities and professional experiences of our people. Using a GHD-developed, customised technology platform, our Innovations group is engaging the firm’s 6,500 staff, facilitating global collaboration across our multidisciplinary teams.

With specific Innovations teams located in each of our operations, we are embedding innovation at all levels of the organisation. The ideas generated by our people are captured and then assessed by the GHD Innovation Advisory Group using transparent evaluation criteria to select the concepts that are most appropriate to test and implement.

Outcomes in 2008 include: