Endangered species given more living room

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Life has improved for the endangered fish species known as Redside Dace following the GHD-designed realignment of a 750 m river tributary to allow the construction of a new school and housing development in the city of Brampton, southern Ontario, Canada.

As part of the project, detailed geomorphic fieldwork and an electrofishing survey were carried out to inform the new design, a 758 m channel length natural corridor for the tributary, which is home to the Redside Dace and other fish species.

GHD’s landmark design for Metrus Developments Inc. had to deal with an existing waterway that was already compromised by agricultural activities and two potential seasonal fish barriers – an extensive vegetative encroachment dispersing flow and a culvert that sat above water level during low-flow conditions.

As a result, the realignment of the channel – the first of its kind approved by the Province of Ontario for Redside Dace habitat – adjusts naturally to the annual range of flows. Our design allows for greater sinuosity and increased morphological complexity.

With the re-naturalising process, the in-stream and terrestrial habitats of the corridor were enhanced and the habitat of the protected Redside Dace and other species was maintained and extended.

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