Organic Waste Processing Facility

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GHD has provided project management services including design review, construction oversight, contract administration, and commissioning services for a 30,000 ton per year organic waste processing facility (OWPF).

GHD supported the City of Guelph in Ontario, Canada during the development of an OWPF to process source-separated organic waste generated within the City and nearby regions to create a reusable, finished compost product.

Critical systems within this OWPF include aeration and irrigation within the processing tunnels, odor abatement functionality, liquids handling, indoor air quality systems, compliance with overall approvals terms and conditions, overall and specific systems process control, surface water quality, and finished product quality.

Since operations began, the OWPF has successfully been supporting the City in its pursuit of achieving a higher overall waste diversion rate, the highest in Ontario as of 2014.

GHD's key activities for this project included:

  • Review of design-build contractor's reports, designs and drawings
  • Provision of recommendations for changes to life cycle costs and budgets and technical issues
  • Review of shop drawings for completeness and compliance with specifications
  • Review of payment applications, change order requests, and overall contract administration
  • Review of design-build contractor's shop drawings and material data sheets
  • Supervision/oversight of construction activities
  • Review of contractor's work, and results of all materials and equipment testing
  • Attendance at regularly scheduled construction progress meetings
  • Management of the project schedule
  • Supervision and inspection of the commissioning process
  • Ongoing operational support




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