Upgrade halts water erosion in ravine

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Following a one-in-100-year storm that hit the north of Toronto in Canada, Birkdale Ravine was severely eroded, causing significant damage to surrounding assets. As a result, The City of Toronto turned to GHD to provide an urgent response.

Our goal was to prevent further damage to the valley wall and loss of private property. We developed an urgent design solution to restore and stabilise the channel in the affected areas, including existing road crossing structure and private property.

The design has reduced the erosive flow forces and associated hazards, limiting the transfer of erosion concerns downstream and enhancing the local aquatic habitat.

As well as reviewing the storm event and its impact, and existing corridor conditions, GHD assessed the historic channel configuration and available geomorphic information. We also completed a detailed geomorphic survey and assessment, hydraulic analysis, design development, construction supervision and the monitoring of post-construction effectiveness.

Based upon the principles of fluvial geomorphology, the hybrid natural-engineered design and construction helped prevent further erosion to the ravine wall and further loss of private property.



Now more than ever, organizations recognize the need to integrate environmental factors into core business decisions. From supporting clients in compliance and permitting to remediation and redevelopment of existing assets, we have earned a reputation for excellence by offering integrated, practical and innovative solutions.

In today's dynamic business and regulatory environment, we strive to provide our clients with comprehensive, sustainable and financially sound business solutions to support the management of environmental liabilities.

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