RedR Australia partnership formalised

GHD has recently formalised its association with RedR Australia under the umbrella of our GHD in the Community program. Our involvement will provide opportunities for GHD people in Australia to support RedR across a range of activities.

RedR Australia is a leading humanitarian agency for international emergency relief that provides skilled people and training to help communities rebuild and recover in times of crisis. When disaster strikes, RedR mobilises the right people with the right skills to make a difference. The organisation's internationally recognised training courses prepare aspiring aid workers for life in the field and help experienced humanitarian workers further hone their skills.

GHD has had a long-standing relationship with RedR in Australia. Since the organisation was established in 1992, we have provided financial assistance and lent our support to corporate activities. More importantly, our people have contributed to RedR's core activities of humanitarian and disaster relief training and deployment.

This new partnership continues GHD's relationship with RedR Australia and takes it one step further. Our commitment builds on our ongoing partnership to provide field support for GHD RedR deployees and helps our people in their deployment training.