Fire response in Arizona

Following the devastating Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona, USA which destroyed more than 100 homes and claimed the lives of 19 elite firefighters, GHD and local water providers worked together to get the water flowing again.

After the flames were out, not-for-profit agency Yarnell Water Improvement District (YWID) was challenged with restoring safe, clean water to the community, on top of a significantly reduced revenue base caused by the loss of homes it services. As a result, a water response team comprised of GHD, EPCOR Water and Global Water Resources was assembled to assess the water system, develop an action plan and fix the damage.

James Taylor from GHD's Phoenix office took on the role of project manager during the assessment and repair. He says, "The fire and recovery effort affected everyone in Yarnell. Responding to the needs of the YWID with our partners was the best way we could help get this community back on its feet."

Overall, more than 400 hours were contributed by GHD, in addition to the equipment, meters and pipe materials donated to complete the repairs. The team also coordinated repairs to YWID's damaged backhoe, transporting it to Phoenix and arranging for a reduced-cost repair.