Rethinking innovation

Imaginative ideas facilitate new approaches to solving industry challenges

Through our Innovation program, GHD continues to help its people, clients and sub-consultants rethink their approach to infrastructure.

By using the Innovation Framework and fostering a culture of innovation, our people are improving the way we solve challenges through:

Rethinking the products we use

GHD has designed and developed StormDMT™, a stormwater treatment unit that was recently chosen for use on the site of a large mining client. It has resulted in operational savings of approximately AUD2 million and is now being implemented across other sites.

Rethinking project approaches

GHD's Innovation Framework was used on a recent alliance tender to facilitate innovation workshops. It resulted in more than 20 ideas that were managed, evaluated and collaborated on using the online platform PIVOT (offered by GHD's subsidiary, the Innovation Interchange). Eight of these ideas have progressed to the preliminary design phase and will provide significant value to our client.

GHD has developed Pumpcheckr - a real-time energy monitoring and alert system for pumping stations. It was recently installed at a new station in Skaneateles (USA), where it identified at the onset that the new pumps were operating at 10 percent below their expected efficiency. The issue is being remedied, with significant operational savings expected.

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