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Safety and the awareness of risk is at the forefront of GHD’s focus. For many years now, we have applied systematic approaches and proative measurement systems to help manage the safety of our people, projects and clients.

Driving safety improvements

Clayton Harrison, GHD's Group Manager – Health, Safety and the Environment believes that measurement is an important part of any management process and forms the basis for continuous improvement.

He says, "Measuring safety performance is key to identifying improvement efforts and validating the success of our approach to safety."

Focusing on the positives delivers results

"Finding the perfect measure of safety is a difficult task," says Clayton. “GHD achieves this by measuring both bottom-line results and our ability to prevent incidents. We do this by using a combination of lagging and leading indicators of safety performance.

"Leading indicators are focused on future safety performance and continuous improvement. These measures are proactive in nature and report what employees are doing on a regular basis to prevent injuries.

"Through GHD's HSE Index, leading indicators are strategically embedded to engage our people in proactive activities – identifying areas of weakness in advance of adverse events and providing the ability to take necessary action to avoid losses. This is in contrast to purely focusing on lagging indicators, such as incident frequency rates, which give indications of past performance.

"This approach has served GHD well – as illustrated in the chart – enabling an 89 percent reduction in Total Incident Frequency Rate since 2007."