Residential community development

Long term stakeholder management assists regulatory approval

In Ontario, Canada, GHD is taking a lead role in facilitating the development of the new community of Seaton.

Located within the City of Pickering east of Toronto, Seaton has been designed to initially accommodate 60,000 people and 30,000 jobs, with construction of the residential community planned over the next 20 years. The lands, which are currently used for agricultural purposes, are owned by four major Toronto-based developers together with the Province of Ontario.

Consisting of land use planners, municipal and water management specialists, and environmental and transportation planners, the GHD team is playing a key role in coordinating the multiple landowners and other stakeholders and in facilitating the financing arrangements.

With more than 12 years of involvement in the project, the GHD team also brings significant value through increased project efficiency and continuity.

Recently, an important milestone was reached as 30 draft plans of subdivision, related conditions of approval, and the implementing of zoning bylaws were approved by the Ontario Municipal Board.

The approvals came after months of intensive mediation meetings with the City of Pickering, approval agencies and local residents.

The final milestone will be the completion of five implementing agreements, after which the construction of CAD1 billion (AUD973 million) in infrastructure can begin.

Once these agreements are complete and the financing is obtained, GHD will continue to play a major role in coordinating, designing and implementing significant portions of the required infrastructure.

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