Our Innovations

We are focused on developing innovative solutions to address the current and emerging needs of the global infrastructure industry.

GHD has a growing Intellectual Property portfolio with patent applications spanning over our 5 market sectors.  Find out more about some of the exciting ideas that we're working on:


GHD has developed a unique stormwater treatment system, which economically filters stormwater contaminants at the point of source to achieve discharge targets below those currently offered and provide environmental and cost saving benefits.

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PumpCheckr TM

The PumpCheckrTM collects and analyses a range of data from individual pumps so that the operating efficiency of those pumps can be monitored, enabling early identification of problems and timely maintenance to mitigate excess energy consumption and equipment failure.

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A novel way to remove silica present in coal seam gas brine, reducing scaling due to hardness and silica and hence enabling lower volumes of brine streams

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Energy Recovery Device for DAF water treatment

To reduce the large amounts of energy consumed during Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) water treatment, GHD designed a new Energy Recovery Device. In addition to being the first device to reduce energy consumption in the DAF process, the DAFerd also presents a number of benefits over existing Energy Recovery Devices.

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FLUXsmart pressure sewage innovation

FLUXsmart TM pressure sewer pump concept

This invention has been designed to solve the key problems of sulphide gas odour and pipe corrosion commonly experienced in pressure sewage systems.  The new design provides cost and safety benefits.

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Online energy benchmarking tool

A free online tool that enables operators of water and wastewater treatment plants to benchmark the energy use of the facility with other similar plants, providing valuable information to assist in decisions around resource and investment allocation.

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Safe conveyer idler frame

A cost effective method to minimise the risk of accidents on high-speed belts with heavy linear loads.   The frame follows the belt profile as closely as practical to provide a nip guard, mitigating the draw in safety risk. It can be applied across multiply industries.

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Route optimization tool

A GIS based model for designing optimal routes to lay cable or pipes across cities and regional locations enabling more accurate, consistent and dynamic designs, reduced design time and reduced construction costs.

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Quiet truck

To overcome the need for noise reduction on a mine site, GHD designed an acoustic attenuation system to retrofit onto trucks. It achieved an impressive 20:1 sound reduction without impacting on the engine’s cooling performance, vehicle mass, load capacity or ease of maintenance.

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Mine truck lift

TULIP is an automatic mine hoisting system that carries two standard mine trucks directly up and down the slope of an open cast mine. With less trucks driving in the mine, operators can save costs, reduce carbon emissions and improve mine safety.

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Building sun shield

GHD has designed a unique shading system for buildings that shields the sun whilst allowing daylight penetration. Suitable for hot countries, the shades hold photovoltaic cells which generate enough energy for the system to track the sun and to partly power the building.

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The TetraTrap developed by GHD for the city of Auckland, is a low maintenance, low cost filter unit that traps gross pollutants washed off carriageways during the first flush in storm events.

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