GHD wins honour award for Scottsdale water project

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23 September 2010

One of the world’s leading engineering, architectural and environmental consulting companies, GHD, received an honour award for the ‘Downtown Scottsdale Booster Station’ in the Small Projects Category of the 2010 International Water Association (IWA) Global Project Innovation Awards.

The pump station project redefined the surrounding community’s perception of public works projects and their aesthetic appeal. GHD blended originality and innovation to realise a functional public works project with a community destination.

The station was designed to meet the increasing water needs of Downtown Scottsdale. Consisting of vertical turbine pumps that utilise variable frequency drives to minimise start-stop cycles, the station is able to adjust discharge to match demand. The station is also equipped with provisions for disinfection, flow metering, backup power generation, SCADA monitoring, and emergency pressure relief.

The Downtown Scottsdale population now enjoy a space that serves the dual purpose of a booster pump station and a multi-use public space that includes a water feature, park, art display, performance venue, restroom, trolley station, and destination on the City’s Art Walk. This infill project blends engineering, art, and community engagement. The pump station’s design integrates sustainable practices with water quality and quantity management, promoting power and land conservation through equipment and ground cover selection while serving as part of the City’s transit system. It also enables Scottsdale’s Downtown Revitalisation by contributing to health and safety measures through water quality monitoring and improved fire flow capabilities. This project addresses the City’s changing social environment, growing economic profile and embrace of sustainability.

Speaking of the project after the award win, GHD Project Director Peter Chan said, “City staff and the project’s surrounding residents and business owners are both satisfied and proud of this new facility. Scottsdale’s vision of a community-supported project that incorporates the Horseshoe Falls, a multi-use public space, and pump station has been realised.”

GHD used 3D modelling to incorporate a robust pump station design into a limited footprint and provide public use. The complex architectural design warranted 3D models to avoid equipment and structure conflicts.

Peter added, “This project accounts for current and future social and economic advancement. The community can use this public amenity today while it enables a revitalisation that will promote economic development in Downtown Scottsdale.”

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