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02 February 2012

One of the world’s leading engineering, architectural and consulting companies, GHD, has won a Grand Award in the Building/Technology Systems category of the American Council of Engineering Companies’ 2012 Engineering Excellence Awards.

The award recognises the contribution GHD has made in producing a masterplan of the Portland State University's (PSU) campus infrastructure for steam and chilled water utilities. The initiative was developed by GHD to accommodate PSU’s projected growth by the year 2018.

Completion of the initiative, in October, provided Oregon’s largest University with an extensive heating and cooling ‘loop’, which services 23 buildings across the university’s 50-acre campus. The loop runs underneath 20 blocks in Oregon’s central business district in downtown Portland and provides some 29,000 students with heating and cooling.

Founded in 1946, PSU is renowned for its focus on sustainability and community-based learning and is Oregon’s most diverse university, with a student body comprised of young people from across all 50 states in America and from close to 100 countries globally.

According to USA West Coast Operating Centre Manager Iver Skavdal, “Winning the Grand Award in the field of Building/Technology Systems is a significant achievement and celebrates GHD’s dedication to providing an innovative building strategy for one of Oregon’s fastest expanding universities.”

The ACEC has been awarding engineering firms across America for their outstanding engineering achievements since 1967.

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