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9 March 2012

One of the world’s leading engineering, architectural and consulting companies, GHD, has helped introduce Australia’s first common system to measure and embed sustainability into infrastructure projects across the country.

GHD sponsored the NSW launch of the national Infrastructure Sustainability rating scheme (IS rating scheme) at Sydney’s Parliament House on Thursday 8 March.

The Hon Brad Hazzard, Minister for Planning and Infrastructure and Minister Assisting the Premier on Infrastructure NSW, presided over the launch ceremony in Sydney’s Parliament House.

The scheme has been developed by the Australian Green Infrastructure Council (AGIC), comprised of more than 80 member companies from Australia’s infrastructure industry, employing 70,000 people.

As a founding AGIC member, GHD is committed to creating a robust and consistent rating system for Australian infrastructure. The IS rating scheme is likened to the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star rating.

The scheme is comprised of the IS rating tool, a formal assessment process, rating certification and an education program. Infrastructure types that are covered by the scheme include transport, water, wastewater, energy and communication. 

Projects and assets will be rated on a 100-point scale. An IS rating in the range of 25 – 49 is ‘Good’ practice, 50 – 74 is ‘Excellent’ practice and 75 – 100 is ‘Leading’ practice.

GHD forms part of the Bulk Water Alliance (including Abigroup, John Holland and ACTEW) which sponsored the national activation in Canberra on 29 February where the Hon Anthony Albanese, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport launched the scheme.

The Bulk Water Alliance was one of the first infrastructure projects to test the scheme when it was applied to the Enlarged Cotter Dam. The lessons learned from this application have ultimately aided in the development of the scheme.

GHD’s Sydney Manager David Kinniburgh noted, “Delivering projects in alignment with the IS rating scheme enables connectivity between project initiatives and the corporate social responsibility priorities of the delivering organisations.

“Apart from the necessity of the tool for a better future, there are commercial benefits in embedding the IS rating scheme in the delivery of projects, such as industry recognition and credibility as a leader in raising awareness and demonstrating results.”

AGIC Chairman, David Singleton, said, “With a common sustainability framework, potential investors can begin to quantify Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects of a project or asset, achieving appropriate value attribution as well as identification of cost risk and cost reduction.

“With billions of dollars planned to be invested in Australian infrastructure, the IS rating scheme will contribute to more efficient, resilient and robust infrastructure,” said Mr Singleton.

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