GHD explores human behaviour in design

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7 May 2012

One of the world’s leading engineering, architecture and environmental consulting companies, GHD, has added new service offering Behavioural Design, to its suite of capabilities that will provide added-value to clients. 

Led by Jonathan Daly, Behavioural Design aims to bridge the gap between design intent and human behaviour by applying a human-centred approach to the design of the built environment.

A human-centred approach puts the user at the centre of the design process, to enhance the functionality and experiential value of a building or urban space.

 “Climate variability, population growth and urbanisation are all issues that currently challenge major cities. We’re pleased to have such a strong and experienced team to find innovative ways to address these complex challenges,” commented GHD Manager - Victoria, Dean McIntyre.

“This new offering successfully balances the broad range of services we provide, to help our clients focus on their core activities whilst we concentrate on targeted solutions.”

Behavioural Design combines behaviour change, design research, architecture, urban design, spatial analysis and visualisation, to provide a stronger contextual fit between people and place.

Above: Melbourne by night

For more information, please contact Kirill Reztsov

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