Building healthy communities through innovation in water

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March 7 2012

The global water sector faces unprecedented challenges relating to population growth, climate change, water scarcity and aging infrastructure.

Einstein once said, "We cannot solve today's problems using the mindset that created them."

With limited financial and technical resources, we need to find innovative solutions to meet these challenges. This is particularly important in developing countries, where millions lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

GHD, is a Principal Supporter of Innovation Interchange, an exclusive business community to solve global water challenges. In addition to its leadership in innovation, GHD has an ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility through established partnerships and active participation in local and international community programs.

To promote UN World Water Day, Innovation Interchange members will support the world’s most disadvantaged communities through the Building Communities campaign. GHD will donate up to AU$5000 to WaterAid, based on the number of activities recorded in the Innovation Interchange web portal in the month of March, including new registrations.

Claire Dixon, Manager of the Innovation Interchange comments, “March is a great month for water businesses to join the Innovation Interchange community. Not only will you find opportunities to build your business, you’ll also be helping WaterAid to build water and sanitation infrastructure for disadvantaged communities.”

WaterAid is a non-profit international organisation dedicated to helping disadvantaged communities access safe drinking water, improved hygiene and sanitation infrastructure for better health.

To find out more about this community initiative, visit

To mark the end of this campaign, organisations operating in the water sector are invited to an Interchange Event on Wednesday 28th
March 2012 in Melbourne, Australia; ‘From challenges emerge opportunities’. For more event information, visit

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