A lesson in marine science

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7 June 2013

British School Sherborne Qatar hosted a presentation by engineering, architecture and environmental consultancy GHD’s Marine Scientist Jonathan Wright, as part of their Qatar Enterprise Program. The Program is designed to give school children the opportunity to experience real-life business and a work environment in order to raise awareness of career options for the future.

Students from Years 5 and 6 attended the presentation, which explored marine science and its application in Qatar. Mr Wright talked about his training and career, and explained the importance of understanding the marine environment and using that knowledge to create a sustainable future for Qatar. The presentation covered Jonathan’s experience in environmental monitoring services at Hamad International Airport. He also demonstrated the equipment used on environmental expeditions deep in the seas surrounding Qatar.

Sherborne Qatar’s Enterprise will host professionals from different careers who will come to talk to the children about what is involved in their roles. Children are encouraged to experience the world of work with excursions and visits to offices. As part of the academic curriculum, children will create resumes and role play interviews for careers, pick an idea they wish to pursue, and design business plans around it.

GHD is one of the world’s leading engineering, architecture and environmental consulting companies, with more than 8500 professionals across the globe. With a 13-strong team of environmental scientists located in Qatar, GHD provides marine and terrestrial environmental services to a range of projects around the region. As part of their Corporate Sustainability Policy, GHD is committed to supporting communities through the development and community programs, such as the Enterprise Program at Sherborne Qatar.

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