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27 February 2012

The release of UK-based magazine Building Design’s 2013 World Architecture List has validated GHD’s place as one of top 100 biggest architecture practices in the world.

In the list, GHD, a leader in engineering, architecture and environmental consulting, has achieved first place in the infrastructure category, second in government buildings, fourth in the Middle East region and seventh in elderly living. The company also ranked as the second highest revenue earner for Australasia.

Paul Morris, GHD’s Global Market Leader Property & Buildings offers, “As an integrated consultancy, we’re always proud to feature in ‘top lists’ across a range of industries. We’re particularly happy to translate these results into tangible outcomes for our clients on the ground.”

Looking at the results from a different point of view, there’s a more interesting story. Global online publication Archdaily compared the results and formulated a ‘Top 5 Most Efficient Firms’ listing, in which GHD came out as number one.

“Efficiency in design is important to us. We’re constantly looking for ways to deliver results more seamlessly and collaboratively for our clients. The widespread use of BIM, and our strong culture of teamwork means that we’re always positioning ourselves for the best project result.”

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