Mark Read announced as new Chair of Austmine

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1 December 2017

GHD congratulates Mark Read on his election as the Chair of Austmine at its recent AGM.

Austmine is the leading industry body in Australia for the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector, with over 450 corporate members.

It works closely with every mining industry organisation, including Australian government agencies, the Mining Council of Australia (MCA) and METS Ignited.

As GHD Advisory’s Group Executive Manager, Mark is recognised as an industry leader with more than 30 years of experience in the mining and power sectors.

“The Board is very excited that Mark is our new Chairperson. Since joining the Board in 2013, he has been a leading voice in helping set our direction, shape our strategy and drive our growth so it was a natural transition for him to become Chair,” Austmine CEO Christine Gibbs Stewart says.

“He has the vision and energy to lead our next chapter. Austmine also benefits from having a senior executive from such a well-known and successful company as GHD as our Chair.“

In his role as Chair of Austmine, Mark is continuing to lead and advocate for Australia’s METS sector as it experiences rapid technological change and disruption.

“The AUD 90 billion METS sector is a global leader in mining innovation and a significant contributor to the Australian economy, with potential for growth both within Australia and by export,” Mark says.

“I look forward to leading Austmine in assisting the growth of the METS sector and most importantly our members. We are working closely with our members to facilitate improved sector collaboration and drive innovation, particularly in the development of the smart digital mine and enhanced robotics.”

GHD has been heavily associated with design and delivery of mines and mining communities since the start of the first post-war Australian mining boom in the 1960s.

Mark Read

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