Peak efficiency

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A series of new initiatives undertaken by GHD at Colbun S.A.’s Nehuenco Power Plant, near the city of Quillota in Chile, are delivering operational efficiencies and cost savings.

The Nehuenco Power Plant facility consists of three separate gas-fired plants – two combined cycle and one simple cycle (all dual fuel) – which were converted to diesel-fired operation due to a lack of natural gas in the region.

The asset management initiatives, which included an assessment of all systems within the power station’s three facilities and the application of a unique Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) methodology, led to the creation of a spare parts manifest that allowed Colbun S.A. to more easily manage its inventory of spare parts.

Over a 13-month period, thousands of pieces of equipment were examined and a large number of spare parts were identified as necessary.

Jorge Astudillo, Colbun S.A.’s Project Manager, says the quality of work completed by GHD at the plant left a positive impression on employees.

"We now know which spare parts need to be kept in stock, in order to keep the power plant operating at peak efficiency," Jorge said. "This means we can plan strategically when purchasing spare parts and estimate forward budget requirements much more easily. As a result, we have streamlined our purchasing processes and maximised savings."

GHD has a long-standing relationship with Colbun S.A. It has previously conducted a similar initiative for another five of its hydropower plants and helped solve a challenge with a gas turbine.

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