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The Sydney office, which has operated for nearly 80 years, now employs more than 400 people. Organised around key disciplines including engineering, strategy and economics, environmental science, planning, project management, geotechnics, infrastructure and architecture, our teams deliver innovative solutions for business-as-usual issues or groundbreaking new projects.

Our clients are public and private organisations delivering projects related to roads, rail, water and waste infrastructure, natural resource and environmental initiatives, energy and mining, through to policy and strategy, land-mark buildings and civil structures.

A sample of our work includes Sydney's first desalination plant,  the landmark Gore Hill redevelopment (Sydney's first five-star mixed use high technology park). the Rouse Hill Infrastructure Project (the largest residential recycling scheme in the Southern Hemisphere), the Liverpool to Ashfield Pipeline, and Norwest Business Park.

Our teams continually strive to create and deliver enhanced services for our clients based on an understanding of the commercial imperative to deliver projects on time and on budget, coupled with our proven knowledge of the regulatory and operating environment in NSW - critical to the success of any project.

All services

Our Sydney practice provides a comprehensive range of services to both public and private sector clients, including:

  • Water and wastewater
  • Transport infrastructure for roads, rail and marine
  • Public infrastructure
  • Buildings, architecture, civil structures and materials technology
  • Environmental management and engineering, contaminated sites and pollution control, natural resources and hydrology, waste management
  • Sustainability, greenhouse and climate change
  • Geotechnics
  • Energy, mining, major industry and agriculture
  • Economics, strategy and evaluation
  • Urban development, planning and stakeholder engagement
  • Asset and risk management
  • Project management
  • Industrial electrical and automation

For more information, contact:

Tasos Katopodis
T: +61 2 8898 8800
F: +61 2 8898 8810
E: Email GHD in Parramatta

Location address
Level 6
20 Smith Street
Parramatta NSW 2150

Postal address
PO Box 788
Parramatta NSW 2124

George Weston Foods Bakery


GHD helped George Weston Foods to turn their fire disaster into triumph by designing and supervising the construction of Australia’s largest bakery, located in Chullora, New South Wales.

Our 80-strong team from Australia and New Zealand delivered planning, site selection, building layouts, and design and construction phase services. The solution included innovative design, fire protection, and energy-efficient hydraulic, mechanical and electrical services.

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Innovation Place


Design and innovation were the main criteria for this commercial development that breaks new ground in building sustainability. GHD architects have succeeded on a project that has received 5-star Green Star and Australian Building Greenhouse Rating (ABGR) ratings.

Innovation Place is a 20-storey building with a gross floor area of 28,400sq m and a floor plate of approximately 1300sq m. The space includes a three-level basement parking for 143 cars, a three-storey high podium, cafe, office areas and car parking entry and loading dock.

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Cable Tunnel Litigation


GHD provided Expert Witness Services over a period of three years, in response to a summons filed in the Supreme Court of NSW. GHD received instructions from lawyers acting on behalf of one of the co-defendants and their insurers.

The matters involved alleged defects in the design of a partly unlined tunnel in the Hawkesbury Sandstone, with regards to permissible water inflows, drainage, rock support and the accumulation of iron “sludge” (ferric oxy-hydroxide precipitate) deposits in the tunnel over time. The case was concluded successfully by a negotiated settlement at mediation and Notices of Discontinuance were filed in the Supreme Court of New South Wales in May 2014.

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Erskine Park release area


Erskine Park is located in northern Sydney.

GHD completed a project design for the restoration of a 210ha biodiversity corridor.

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Sydney Primary Loop


Jemena’s Sydney Primary Loop (SPL) is a 29km DN500 pipeline which runs through south western suburbs of Sydney from a connection to an existing section of the DN550 primary loop pipeline at Casula and ties in into the existing DN550 primary main pipeline at Marrickville.  The SPL pipeline connects two major Jemena Gas Networks primary mains, thus enabling continuity and reliability of gas supply if the supply on either is interrupted.  The SPL pipeline also provides further opportunity for development of the gas distribution network in Sydney area.

The facilities and stations on the SPL pipeline include Automatic Line Break (ALB) main line valve stations, a Primary Regulator Station (PRS) at Moorebank and a Trunk Receiving Station (TRS) at West Hoxton.  GHD was selected by Jemena to undertake engineering design and construction support for the pipeline and associated stations.

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Australian Solar Institute


Australia is at the forefront of solar research and development and the Australian Solar Institute's role was to keep it there.

GHD provided the Australian Solar Institute (ASI) with communications support, providing a variety of communication materials and a long-term communications plan which GHD assisted ASI to initiate but which ASI could deliver into the future.

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Swansea Bridge Cathodic Protection Work


Swansea Bridge at Lake Macquarie in New South Wales is an opening bridge to allow vessels to pass underneath and was constructed in the mid 1980’s. Since then, harsh marine exposure conditions had resulted in corrosion and bridge deterioration. A solution was needed to increase the longevity of the bridge.

Working with the Roads and Traffic Authority NSW (RTA), GHD helped develop a long-term, environmentally-sustainable durability solution to be adopted  which would increase the bridge’s longevity plus minimise community disturbance and achieve best value for money outcomes.

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Rouse Hill Recycled Water Plan


Sydney Water in partnership with Sydney Water Corporation, John Holland, Thompson Controls, and GHD delivered the $60 million Rouse Hill Recycled Water Plant – stage two amplification project. This is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest residential water recycling scheme.

Initiated in September 2006, the project doubled the capacity of the existing waste water treatment plant to 27 million litres a day and increased the recycled water capacity to 4.7 billion litres a year (this will supply 36,000 homes in the local community at project completion).

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May Ngui

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May currently manages our Western Sydney operations based in Parramatta but continues to be active in technical delivery and client-facing roles for the company.  May joined GHD in 1991.  A chartered professional electrical engineer, Fellow of Engineers Australia and Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, she has 28 years’ experience in the design and commissioning of electrical and computer-based control systems for industrial plants and infrastructure both in Australia and overseas, spending time in exotic locations such as an oil rig on the South China Sea and in a cement factory in pre-1989 rural China.  May is passionate about technical leadership and development of female leaders in the industry and is a mentor to a number of young engineers both within and outside GHD.

Manager – Western Sydney 
T: +61 2 9239 7350

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