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Established in 2004, GHD's Mildura office is located in the heart of the lower Murray Darling Basin, which stretches across Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

Our Mildura office provides the following integrated services to meet our clients’ needs In the lower Murray Darling Basin region:

  • Project management and project delivery
  • Traffic, transportation planning, rail, highways, municipal services and urban development services
  • Civil and urban infrastructure design
  • Wastewater and recycling, water systems and technology engineering, groundwater resources services and asset    management strategies
  • Structural engineering, industrial, fire services, building services
  • Waterways and resources engineering, contamination assessment and remediation, environmental management, natural resource management services
  • Flora and fauna assessments, environmental studies and environmental impact assessments.

For more information, please contact:

Alex Holmes
+61 3 5018 5200
F: +61 3 5018 5201
E: Email GHD in Mildura

Location and postal address
57 Orange Avenue
Mildura Vic 3500

Murray River wetland rehabilitation


Known as the Wetland Rehabilitation Project – Reinstating Wetting and Drying Regimes, this is one of the first projects of its type in Australia. The Lower Murray-Darling Catchment Management Authority engaged GHD to investigate, design and implement rehabilitation works to restore flood flows and fish passage to approximately 700ha of wetlands.

The team investigated wetland ecosystems to identify environmental values, then used this information to propose works and complementary land management activities aimed at achieving specific rehabilitation objectives for each wetland. The process involved flora, fauna and aquatic assessments, grazing pressure and land management assessments, indigenous cultural heritage assessments, and hydrologic-hydraulic simulation of proposed water regime options.

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Living Murray Icon sites – Hattah Lakes and Lindsay -Wallpolla


Hattah Lakes and the Lindsay-Wallpolla floodplains are located on the Murray River, upstream and downstream of Mildura respectively.  These areas are two of the six, nationally identified, 'Living Murray' Icon sites that have been targeted for improvement and maintenance of ecological values.

GHD is working with local catchment management and water resource agencies to further investigate the environmental characteristics of wetland and wetland complexes in the Hattah Lakes, Lindsay and Mulcra components of the Murray River floodplains.

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Alex Holmes

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Alex has 17 years of experience providing technical advice to a range of government and private clients in the fields of environmental impact assessment, catchment condition and environmental flows in addition to multi-disciplinary project management and direction. Alex’s skills and experience with a broad range of landscapes (polar, temperate, arid and tropical), ecosystems and species paves the way for his contribution to a range of national projects to assess ecological values, identify risks and develop mitigation and adaptive management approaches. Alex has authored over 100 client reports on threatened species/habitat/wetland-waterway and overabundant native species management; and undertaken baseline fauna survey and ecological asset prioritisation for government (including Defence) and private clients (predominantly mining and exploration).

Office Manager – Mildura
T: +61 3 5018 5200

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