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Our team of recognised industry leaders understands the issues and challenges facing industry. We work closely with our clients to provide innovative solutions at every stage of the project lifecycle.

GHD in power

The subject of power in this current era of climate consciousness and sustainability is an ever increasing consideration and theme for many of our clients and the diverse market sectors they participate in.

GHD's approach incorporates whole-of-life considerations while delivering professional technical services across the entire power value chain - from generator to consumer. We provide advice on a diverse range of power generation and delivery technology across:

  • Conventional fossil fuel power generation utilising coal, gas, diesel and waste heat fuels (e.g. sub-critical and supercritical coal-fired plants, open cycle and combined cycle gas turbines, reciprocating engines and cogeneration)
  • Renewable energy including solar PV, wind, solar thermal, hydroelectric, pumped hydro, tidal, geothermal and biomass
  • Transmission and distribution networks including power lines and substations to efficiently, effectively and reliably deliver power to meet clients needs
  • Emerging energy storage technologies such as batteries, and their applications within microgrids, that are transforming the energy sector
  • Grid connection of both generation and large end-users, including feasibility, system modelling and negotiation of performance standards and access arrangements
  • Regulation of electricity networks, including due diligence and advisory services for regulatory determinations

Today, GHD is helping organisations tackle a complex future being shaped by disruptive forces and increased regulation and scrutiny.

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Power Delivery
Power Delivery
Power Generation
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy

Robert Ceic

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Robert is a mechanical engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in thermal power generation engineering, project development and project management. His experience spans gas, coal, diesel and industrial cogeneration, gained through consulting, and engineering, procurement, and construction contractor organisations.

Robert is an accomplished project manager with a proven track record of coordinating and managing multidisciplinary engineering teams. He has also supported asset sales of both open cycle and combined cycle gas turbine power stations.

Actively involved in the industry, Robert is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Energy, a Chartered Professional Engineer, and member of Institute of Engineers Australia.

Service Line Leader, Power Generation – Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East
T: +61 8 6222 8413
E: Robert Ceic


Paul Buch - Western Australia & Northern Territory

Paul Buch

Paul Buch is the Manager of GHD’s Power team in Western Australia and GHD’s relationship manager with Horizon Power. Paul has over 30 years of experience in a variety of Electrical, Mining and Mineral processing roles including study leadership, project management, project control, audit, maintenance and production functions. Paul has held project, operations and maintenance leadership roles for Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution within large scale mineral processing facilities.

Manager, Power – Western Australia & Northern Territory
+61 8 6222 8308
E: Paul Buch

GHD Library

The GHD library is a collection of relevant resources to this sector.