Black Start Turbine Generator for Eraring Power Station

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A ‘Black Start’ is the complex process of restoring power supply without external power, following total failure of the power grid.

GHD used its international network to source and confirm a suitable generator to provide 'Black Start' capability to Eraring Power Station. From previous experience with second hand gas turbine projects, we were able to use our internal resources in Newcastle, Perth and the UK to select a suitably sized and priced gas turbine coupled with a new 'oversized' generator for the demanding starting loads. The gas turbine was refurbished in Dubai, and we provided on-site quality inspections of the new generator, which was sourced in the UK.

GHD also completed the design and documentation for the balance of plant, including electrical integration, fuel, water and air supplies, and the structural design for the mass concrete footings to withstand the vibrational forces of the 40-megawatt gas turbine.

A 3D model of the project enabled the project team to coordinate all new and existing underground services, facilitate coordination during the plant erection and help the client to visualise the completed site and configuration. Additionally, the model allowed a thorough review of clearances and maintenance prior to fabrication.

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