Prebbleton Scheme Assessment

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GHD has completed a review of five intersections adjacent to the Prebbleton, a township in the Selwyn District in the Canterbury Region of New Zealand, located 11 km southwest of the centre of Christchurch.

The objective of this project was to propose suitable upgrades to improve safety, reduce severance through the township, and provide more efficient linkages to the motorway interchange currently under construction.

Traffic volumes have increased significantly along arterial roads adjacent to the township in the past five years, mainly due to effects of the earthquake in Christchurch and the resulting migration of people. Moreover, construction has begun recently on a new motorway extension (CSM2) nearby, which will change current traffic patterns significantly in the area.

This project entailed the analysis of five intersections, located on different arterial roads, in low and high-speed environments, with changes expected to existing traffic patterns, not just as a result of general growth.

GHD was faced with the challenge of using the limited data available to model future designs for the intersections. In response, our team proposed to use existing CAST model data and undertake additional data validation to ensure it was suitable for modelling purposes. The combination of our local knowledge, modelling experience and appreciation of traffic generation patterns allowed us to determine robust turning volumes for a future year scenario.

Added value on the project came through the SATURN and SIDRA modelling skills available in the GHD team, combined with undertaking appropriate sensitivity tests. This approach brings the benefit of the proposed intersection designs being based on robust data and being future proofed. This limits the risk of future construction and consenting work along the corridor in the future, and the associated inconvenience that this would cause to the community.

Throughout the project and ongoing works, GHD has collaborated with Selwyn District Council to meet project objectives as well as to keep them fully informed of progress and issues as they surfaced.

Pavement Engineering


Your single most valuable asset is arguably the pavement system within your network. We understand that pavements are subjected to static and dynamic loads as well as exposure to the elements; only sound engineering judgment, informed by experienced and qualified staff, can provide cost concious and appropriate solutions to your pavement challenges.

We demonstrate an innovative, sustainable approach through our relationships with research centres of excellence at Delft (Holland) Wisconsin (USA) Stellenbosch (South Africa) Transit New Zealand UWA (Western Australia) and ARRB (Australia).

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GHD procedures and systems facilitate the coordination and control of all phases of project development – for small and large developments.

Our services span feasibility studies, concept planning and financial evaluation and design management. Our EPCM services include contracts administration, procurement, industrial relations, construction management and control of cost budgets, time schedules and quality assurance.

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GHD brings a fresh approach to integrated transport with an innovative, dynamic, highly motivated and enthusiastic team of traffic engineers and transport planners who harness a great depth of industry experience and knowledge.

Whether you require high level policy and strategic advice at the beginning of a project or detailed engineering advice at the design stage, you will benefit from the commitment and dedication of our people. We pride ourselves on staying informed of the latest industry thinking and trends through regular involvement in industry bodies, conferences and seminars.

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GHD has the knowledge base and systems to tackle any wastewater transportation problem — for new systems or the upgrading of existing assets.

Having designed more than 1000 sewage pump stations and over 6000km of sewers, our industry professionals challenge conventional approaches to establish new cost-effective benchmarks.

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