Building Sciences & Physics

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Building performance and health concerns are often linked to the integrity of the building envelope. This concern requires us to identify and solve unique and obscure problems with buildings and their performance. GHD specialises in the condition assessment and performance evaluation of the complete building envelope. We provide a full range of engineering, scientific testing and quality control services serving design professionals, building owners and managers, property developers, and contractors.

Our mission is to maintain the highest commitment to providing our clients with pragmatic solutions by applying the highest order of our experience, professionalism and efficiency, towards identifying and resolving all issues relating to the existing condition and performance of building envelope systems and components.

Forensic investigations

  • Indoor air quality monitoring and certification
  • Moisture and microbial evaluations
  • Cause and origin determinations
  • Odour evaluations
  • Interior air/biological sampling programs
  • Infrared thermography
  • Remediation protocol development
  • Remediation monitoring and post-remediation verifications
  • Abatement design and oversight
  • Preventative maintenance plans

Vertical envelope

  • Condition assessment of building façades (solid masonry walls, cavity walls, EIFS, metal cladding, reinforced or prefabricated concrete, curtain wall systems, balconies and railings, caulking)
  • Evaluation of the insulation and air-vapour barriers
  • In situ performance testing (ASTM – water penetration and air leakage testing of the vertical building envelope)
  • Laboratory material testing (masonry, concrete, etc.)
  • Restoration & corrective design specifications
  • Infrared thermography
  • Computer simulation
  • Construction review & quality control
  • Maintenance programs

Multi-level parking garages & foundation walls

  • Condition assessment of reinforced concrete walls, slabs, columns
  • Condition assessment of waterproofing and traffic wear course system
  • Corrosion potential assessment (half-cell)
  • Field testing (membrane, concrete bond tests, slab deflection)
  • Laboratory testing (concrete testing : chloride ions, compression)
  • Restoration and corrective design specifications
  • Construction review and quality control
  • Maintenance programs

Roofing systems

  • Condition assessment of the roof (visual survey, thermographic inspection, cut-test, non-destructive or destructive moisture detection)
  • System evaluation of the waterproofing membrane, vapour barrier or insulation system
  • Restorative and corrective design specifications
  • Construction review and quality control (AMCQ)
  • Maintenance programs

Quality control and performance testing

  • Infrared thermography (ASTM E-779 airtightness and heat loss)
  • In situ performance testing (ASTM E-783 and E-1186 Aar leakage testing, and ASTM E-1105 resistance to water penetration)
  • Standardised water resistance testing (AAMA 501.2)
  • Blower door testing (air leakage testing)
  • Laboratory compliance testing (masonry, concrete, corrosion)
  • Computer simulation


For further information, contact:

Jill Hannaford
Service Line Leader, Building Sciences & Physics – Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East
T: +61 2 9239 7097
E: Jill Hannaford

David Khudaverdian
Service Line Leader, Building Sciences & Physics – North America
T: +1 571 336 0510
E: David Khudaverdian

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