Contamination Assessment & Remediation

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Contamination of land or water can pose heavy community, environmental, legal, and financial burdens on a property owner.

GHD, through technical knowledge and experience can demonstrate cost savings using innovative and sustainable assessment, management and remedial solutions to contamination problems. We have a proven record in dealing with some of the most difficult contaminated sites caused by a wide range of industries. We have proven our competitive edge in providing practical, cost effective and sustainable solutions in dealing with recalcitrant contaminants in soils and groundwater, such as scheduled wastes (pesticides and PCBs), dioxins, gasworks contaminants, and contamination involving hydrocarbons and metals.

We work through our extensive networks to communicate with our clients, researchers and policy makers to develop and implement tailored solutions with triple bottom line benefits. Our experience over many years means we understand the industry in which our clients operate and the local landscape in which they work.


  • Contamination assessments, management and remediation
  • Statutory and due diligence audits
  • Soil and groundwater contamination solutions
  • Remediation options and action plans
  • Environmental management
  • Human health and ecological risk assessment
  • Works approval and statutory compliance
  • Soil and water contaminant transport modelling
  • Expert witness and third party independent review
  • Policy development & training
  • Acid sulfate soil investigations and assessments
  • Environmental governance and reporting
  • Due diligence
  • Redevelopment

We cover a broad spectrum of industry including:

Defence, petroleum/oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, mining and energy, infrastructure and utilities, railways, agricultural and horticultural, port, water and other authorities, property developments, finance and legal.

For further information, contact:

Andre Smit
Service Line Leader, Contamination Assessment & Remediation – Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East
T: +61 2 9239 7109
E: Andre Smit

Katie Kamm
Service Line Leader, Contamination Assessment & Remediation – North America
T: +1 773 3809933
E: Katie Kamm

Calwell Slipway Remediation


Port Nelson Ltd, in partnership with the Ministry for the Environment, engaged GHD to investigate the nature and extent of historical contamination to one of the largest slipways in New Zealand – the Calwell Slipway at Port Nelson.

Environmental investigations identified historical inadequate containment of used antifouling paints and other products of vessel maintenance had contaminated marine muds with Tributyltin (Tbt) and Copper among other contaminants. The levels exceed allowable limits for disposal of the dredged muds to the consented marine spoil dump. Navigability through dredging is fundamental to the port’s continued operation and due to the contamination, conventional dredging and disposal of the spoil at sea was not possible.

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Capital Strategic Dredging


NPC proposed the development of additional berth sites within the South Arm of the Hunter River, in the Port of Newcastle. The developments would assist NPC in meeting its objectives of diversifying trade and development options within the Port.

GHD was engaged by Newcastle Port Corporation to undertake an Environmental Assessment and associated engineering studies for the capital dredging of ten berth box sites and ancillary channel widening in the South Arm in Hunter River, Port of Newcastle.

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Contamination Assessment of Industrial Site - Sydney, Australia


As part of the sale of a large industrial site in Sydney, GHD was engaged by a major manufacturing company to prepare remediation cost estimates following the completion of a comprehensive environmental assessment of soil and groundwater conditions.

The assessment identified contamination issues associated with the site’s fill and the underlying groundwater. GHD undertook probabilistic modeling to generate 50th, 75th and 95th percentile remediation cost estimates using a Monte Carlo simulation approach.

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Contamination liability assessment for Department of Defence, Australia


The wide range of activities at military sites gives rise to a broad spectrum of potential contamination risks.

Over several years, GHD has provided the Australian Department of Defence with financial risk and remediation cost assessment services to quantify its estate-wide contamination liability. This high level project has included extensive information collection and review, implementation of a liability decision tool, and generation of probabilistic remediation cost estimates through a Monte Carlo simulation using Crystal Ball™ software.

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Former industrial site, Newcastle, Australia


GHD was involved in a number of stages of investigation and remediation design associated with a large former industrial site in Newcastle, NSW. This included developing a MODFLOW numerical groundwater flow model to assess remedial action plan options for the site to reduce migration of contamination to a nearby aquatic environment. The model developed was the basis to recommend a more pragmatic containment solution for the site.

The model assisted in estimating the area required to be capped and the associated capping permeability requirements. In a related requirement of a Voluntary Management Proposal under the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997 (CLM Act), GHD undertook a remediation feasibility study and pilot trials for removal of light and dense non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPL) including coal tar residues. Through a comprehensive understanding of site characteristics, contaminant behaviour and remediation technologies, GHD was able to satisfy the EPA with a pragmatic remediation program well under the client’s budget and anticipated time frame. GHD also assisted the client with an environmental assessment to obtain council approval of the remediation works.

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Gasworks contamination liability estimate, Australia


A government client engaged GHD to prepare liability estimates for a portfolio of properties for which it retained a contamination liability.

The project included a desktop review followed by a detailed source-pathway-receptor risk assessment. Contamination liability estimates were then generated for over 100 sites using a beta function with population distributions established based on the outcomes of the risk assessment and a combination of experience and published information.

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Groundwater remediation using chemical oxidation & enhanced biodegradation


Light non-aqueous phase liquid impacts and associated dissolved phase hydrocarbon (mainly benzene) were present at the site as well as up to 200m off-site underneath neighbouring residences.

Based on a comprehensive technology review, GHD nominated and implemented in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) based on high-pH activated persulphate (HAPS) to remediate the plume. The remediation was successful and the site was deemed to be cleaned up to the extent practicable.

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Horizontal drainage bores to remediate zinc impacted groundwater, Australia.


Very high levels of zinc had been detected in groundwater as a result of historical industrial activities.

Following detailed investigations and a comprehensive review of remediation options, GHD designed a groundwater interception scheme using a series of horizontal drainage bores. After three years of operation it had recovered over 128 tonnes of zinc, and 5 tonnes of cadmium which otherwise would have discharged to a nearby river. The project was the recipient of a Consult Australia Silver Award for Excellence in 2010.

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Improving assets


In the US state of California, a small property developer is benefiting from the environmental remediation of its property portfolio, which includes 15 shopping centres. Seven of these contained dry cleaning facilities and had documented releases of chlorinated solvents, which were historically used as part of the dry cleaning process.

Seeking to improve environmental and compliance outcomes, the developer engaged GHD to perform investigations of the dry cleaning facilities, commission remediation activities, and work closely with regulatory agencies overseeing the projects. Mark Dockum, GHD's Job Manager says, “We performed soil remediation (soil excavation activities) at two of the sites and successfully negotiated closure of these sites with the regulatory agencies.

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Hexavalent chromium contaminated groundwater was identified at a site formerly used for electroplating.


Hexavalent chromium contaminated groundwater was identified at a site formerly used for electroplating.

Following a detailed investigation and options assessment, GHD selected in-situ chemical reduction (ISCR) as the preferred remediation response. A recirculation system based on injection and extraction wells was used to distribute the reductant (sodium metabisulphite). A two month injection program succeeded in reducing the hexavalent chromium concentrations by 60 percent, allowing monitored natural attenuation to be used as the ongoing long term management strategy.

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Kanawha River, West Virginia


Our client is completing an investigation of a 14-mile section of the Kanawha River near Nitro, West Virginia, under the Removal Action program for the United States Environmental Protection agency (USEPA). The river is partially controlled by a series of locks and dams, and is a major transportation route for coal and other materials. The investigation was completed in three phases:

  • Assembly and detailed review of existing information to develop a Site Conceptual Model (CSM)
  • Refining the CSM through focused sampling, including fish tissue, surface water quality, natural recovery analysis, and sediment quality
  • Additional sediment sampling to fill in data gaps to support remedy selection

Based on this information, GHD developed a detailed understanding of site conditions and recovery trends. We developed a 3D hydrodynamic model to support the evaluation of recovery trends and remedy selection. GHD completed human health and ecological risk assessments for the site and developed preliminary remediation goals.

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Murrumbidgee Irrigation Waste Remediation


GHD was engaged to develop a remediation action plan, complete with detailed designs for construction, for a large non-homogeneous site comprising of diverse waste materials and levels of contamination accumulated over many years.

The design selected effective structural options while minimising the construction cost of compliance. The results were delivered to the client on time within tight budgetary constraints.

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Planta Petroleo


Inspección de construcción y montaje planta de almacenamiento y distribución de petróleo Diesel - Región de Antofagasta, Chile.

Copec contrató los servicios de GHD para realizar la inspección de la construcción y del montaje de la planta de almacenamiento y distribución de productos terminados en su planta de Mejillones, ubicada en la Región de Antofagasta en el norte de Chile. Los servicios de inspección técnica consideran destinar en terreno un equipo de profesionales multidisciplinarios para controlar y hacer seguimiento a los contratos que se tienen en la construcción del proyecto. Entre las actividades a inspeccionar se encuentran: movimiento de tierras, fundaciones de los estanques, muros de contención, acceso a la planta, y construcción y montaje de dos estanques de almacenamiento.

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Remediation cost estimates for food manufacturer - Victoria, Australia


As part of the redevelopment of a former industrial site south east of Melbourne, a major food manufacturer engaged GHD to undertake a detailed environmental site assessment and development of remediation cost estimates.

The liability associated with soil and groundwater remediation was estimated using a Monte Carlo Simulation approach for three potential remediation options.

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Remediation of groundwater using soil vapour extraction, Australia


A large underground fuel leak at a regional service station resulted in an off-site plume of light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) up to 100m long.

Soil vapour extraction (SVE) was selected by GHD as the preferred remediation option. After successful pilot trials, GHD oversaw the installation of a full scale SVE system comprising eight extraction wells, and vapour stream treated using an internal combustion engine. During the first six months of its operation the system had removed approximately 16 tonnes of LNAPL.

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Remediation of service station groundwater contamination


A large kerosene loss had resulted in light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) impact to groundwater.

Various recovery trials including multi-phase extraction, baildown tests and skimming resulted in the design and implementation of an automated active LNAPL skimming system, comprising four pneumatic skimmers. The system was operated and monitored by GHD for approximately 12 months, recovering several thousand litres of product.

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Site remediation cost assessment for a property transaction, Australia


GHD was engaged by a NSW government agency to prepare preliminary remediation budget ranges for two parcels of land located west of Sydney that it was considering purchasing.

Site specific data were combined with a series of broad judgment-based probability modeling assumptions. Monte Carlo simulations were then used to calculate the 50th, 75th and 95th percentile remediation cost estimates taking into account the uncertainties associated with the site characterisation at that stage.

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St Barbara Limited Gold mines


As part of its business and compliance management requirements, St Barbara Limited has engaged GHD to prepare mine closure and rehabilitation plans along with subsequent closure cost estimates for its gold mining operations.

Our team developed 'domain' closure and rehabilitation plans for the mines' various site features, tailings storage and waste rock facilities. The plans include consideration of new regulatory needs and St Barbara’s consultation with their stakeholders.

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Transmission Tower Paint Sampling


GHD was engaged by TransGrid to assist with the identification of transmission towers within the network that have had asbestos paint historically applied to the lower portions of legs of towers. What started as a small project with one person sampling a dozen towers escalated into a large scale sampling program that at its peak has involved ten people in five teams travelling around regional NSW sampling over 1600 towers.

The last program of 1200 towers required GHD to organise five two person teams to undertake a six week sampling program. TransGrid staff were, for the most part, not available to assist GHD teams locate the transmission lines and individual towers, so we relied heavily on the use of TransGrid GPS navigation systems, Arc GIS programs and Google Earth imagery to identify access points.

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Tui Mine Remediation


GHD has contributed to the clean-up of a mining legacy in New Zealand. For the past decade, the Ministry for the Environment has been working toward remediating the Tui Mine site, located on the slopes of Mt Te Aroha in the Waikato Region.

A former lead, zinc and copper mine, the operation was abandoned in 1973 due to high concentrations of mercury impurities in the ore concentrate. Over the years, the mine has leached heavy metals into the Tui and Tunakohoia streams, negatively impacting water quality.

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Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS) decommissioning, site remediation and validation


GHD was engaged to provide services associated with the removal of three abandoned underground fuel tanks at a former service Station in Wallabadah, NSW. GHD was appointed by the client as the combined Project Manager/Contract Administrator and Environmental Consultant for the project. GHD engaged a subcontractor to establish appropriate safety and environmental controls and undertake the physical works associated with the removal of the three tanks and associated infrastructure. Following tank removal the resulting excavation was validated and impacted soil was bio-remediated on site to variably allow it to be used to backfill the excavation or to be disposed offsite to Councils landfill or. Following remediation the remainder of the site was assessed for its suitability to continue being utilised for mixed commercial/industrial and residential use.

The work was assessed, remediated and validated to the satisfaction of NSW EPA acting on behalf of the NSW Environmental Trust who funded the project. The site was successfully validated as suitable to continue operating under a mixed residential and commercial/industrial land use. The scope of works was also completed within the timeframe with which Council were required to utilise the grant provided by Environmental Trust for management and assessment of site contamination.

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Victoria Street West Cycleway


GHD is excited to work with AT on another important link in Auckland’s cycling network. The Victoria Street Cycleway (formerly called the Midtown Cycleway) will be a dedicated, physically separated from motorised traffic for the whole route running between the Beaumont Street intersection and the Hobson Street intersection along Victoria Street West.

The goal of the Victoria Street Cycleway is to create a continuous separated, safe, and attractive route to and from the city. Where practical, the cycle lanes will be physically separated from pedestrians with a small kerb. The Victoria Street Cycleway will be the first section of a larger midtown cycling connection. This connection will provide safe, separated cycling facilities between Victoria Park and the Auckland Domain, creating cycleways to and through the heart of the city centre from the west and the east.

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West End Gasworks Remediation


GHD’s scope of works as the Environmental Consultant for the West End Gasworks Remediation Project were as follows:

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Willow Run Creek Site, Michigan


The Willow Run Creek Site involved the remediation of over 340,000 cubic yards of polychlorinated biphenyl impacted sediments and soil. GHD developed a program of pre-design studies, including pilot-scale dredging/dewatering studies, to determine the optimal method of sediment removal and processing.

The selected remedy involved dewatering of the work area, water treatment, and solidification of the sediments to provide the necessary strength for placement in a site-dedicated consolidation disposal facility (CDF). The CDF was designed to meet stringent Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous waste disposal facility standards. 

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Andre Smit

key person image

Andre is the service line leader for Contamination Assessment & Remediation.

Service Line Leader - Contamination Assessment & Remediation - Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East
T: +61 2 9239 7109

E: Andre Smit

Lee Gedge

key person image

Lee is a principal environmental scientist. His focus is to promote the delivery of consistently high standards of service and technical solutions across the globe and to ensure that our clients have access to the best technical people, regardless of geography. For more than 15 years, Lee has played key technical and project management roles in contamination assessment and remediation projects involving a range of contaminants and exposure settings. Working with organisations from a range of industries and market sectors, Lee understands the need to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to meet the project and business objectives of our clients.

T: +61 3 8687 8126
E: Lee Gedge

Adrian Hall - Adelaide

Adrian Hall

Adrian has more than 34 years' professional experience, focusing on water engineering, waste management and site contamination auditing. He has undertaken more than 200 environmental audits for both government and private clients, across Australia. He has conducted health and environmental risk assessments of contaminated sites, together with soil and groundwater remediation projects.

Adrian has audited or assessed a variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural sites contaminated by heavy metals, hydrocarbons and pesticides.

Principal Environmental Auditor
T: +61 8 8111 6809
E: Adrian Hall

Damien Morris - Brisbane

Damien Morris

Damien has extensive experience as an environmental scientist, primarily in contaminated site projects, specialising in remediation. He has project managed more than 100 contamination assessments and investigations including the remediation of a 3.5 ha chemical plant adjacent to a natural waterway and remediation of an 18 ha former gasworks adjacent the Brisbane River.

He is experienced in a variety of areas including contaminated site assessments / investigations, supervision of remediation projects involving earthworks, environmental auditing and monitoring programs, environmental management plans, waste assessment and management programs, asbestos management, and dangerous goods assessments.

Damien has a thorough understanding of the current regulatory framework in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. He is also a QLD Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) approved signatory for submission of reports for complex sites.

Project Manager
T: +61 7 3316 3415
E: Damien Morris

Peter Topliss - Hobart

Peter Topliss

Peter has more than 15 years' experience in the application of a wide range of environmental management tools to numerous Australian, European, Asian and Canadian projects.

Over the last 12 years Peter has been a contaminated land management practitioner, primarily based in Tasmania working with major petroleum companies, defence and heavy industry on assessment and management of asset risk.

Principal Environmental Scientist
T: +61 3 6210 0663
E: Peter Topliss

Frank Mollica - Melbourne

Frank Mollica

Frank is a Principal Hydrogeologist/Environmental Scientist with more than 25 years' experience. He is responsible for the management, interpretation and technical direction of a range of projects including the assessment of soil and groundwater contamination; investigation of groundwater conditions at proposed industrial/mining developments; and remediation of contaminated industrial sites.

He is adept at managing projects and resources, and has been extensively involved in managing a large number of site assessments and other environmental project - some, long term.

Principal Hydrogeologist/Environmental Scientist 
T: +61 3 8687 8706
E: Frank Mollica

Fouad Abo - Melbourne

Fouad Abo

Dr Abo is a widely recognised environmental management specialist with more than 30 years' experience across Australia and the globe. His skills cover a wide range of environmental areas such as environmental policy development, strategic advice, institutional strengthening, environmental advice for financial institutions, environmental due diligence and sustainable development .

He has developed a highly recognised level of understanding in independent reviews of assessment and management of contaminated sites reports and guidelines. His knowledge covers a wide range of sectors including oil, mining, defence, manufacturing, heavy engineering, waste management, service stations, green field, agriculture, refineries and ports.

Fouad is experienced in environmental impact and improvement planning for mining operations and in Water and effluent use and management. He is recognised in designing, coordinating and managing a broad range of environmental strategic studies, site assessment and remediation strategies and also in the assessment, bioavailability, mobility and the attenuation of contaminants in soils and water systems, his innovative and practical approach is proven.

Global Technical Leader - Environment 
T: +61 3 8687 8191
E: Fouad Abo

Peter Nadebaum - Melbourne

Peter Nadebaum

Peter has more than 30 years' experience with environmental management, environmental impact assessment, human health and environmental risk assessment; environmental auditing of industrial facilities and land; contaminated site assessment and clean up; treatment of industrial waste and wastewater; water quality management; treatment of water for municipal and industrial use.

He is an accredited Environmental Auditor in Victoria (process facilities and contaminated land), South Australia (contaminated land), and has been approved as a Third Party Reviewer in Queensland. He was accredited as an Environmental Auditor in NSW for many years. He is an auditor approved by RAB-QSA for undertaking audits of drinking water supplies. He was the inaugural President of the Australian Land and Groundwater Association and remains on the Executive of the Association.

Peter is a founding member and current Director of the Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC CARE), and has been an Adjunct Professor at the University of South Australia and Chair of the Advisory Committee of the UniSA Centre for Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation.

Senior Principal Engineer
T: +61 3 868 78967
E: Peter Nadebaum

Peter Beck - Melbourne

Peter Beck

Peter has more than 18 years' experience in environmental science and geotechnical engineering in the consulting and academic environment. His project experience ranges from residential, commercial and industrial developments and redevelopment's, to large mining and infrastructure projects in across the globe, for a diverse range of private and public sector clients. Specialising in the groundwater field with a focus on impact assessment, contaminant transport and remediation he has completed several EIS project components as well as more than 200 site assessment and remediation projects.

Peter has published more than 25 papers at national and international conferences and is the author of the fate and transport modelling guidelines published by the Taiwan EPA. Peter also currently lectures at RMIT University and is involved in a number of research projects.

Service Environmental Engineer
T: +61 3 868 78643
E: Peter Beck

Ian Gregson - Newcastle

Ian Gregson

Ian has more than 20 years' experience in a range of engineering and environmental fields, including 10 years involvement with assessment and management of contaminated sites.

He co-ordinates and manages the environmental services for various industry sectors, as well as site audits and projects such as site investigations, environmental monitoring and assessment and remediation strategies for landfills and contaminated sites.

Ian is a NSW and Victorian EPA accredited site auditor. Ian has been project manager or project director for assessment of over 100 StateRail properties, and is project director for three StateRail remediation projects currently underway in the Newcastle area.

Principal Environmental Consultant
T: +61 2 4979 9904
E: Ian Gregson

Alison Monkley - Newcastle

Alison Monkley

Alison has more than 10 years' experience in contaminated land assessment and remediation. Her experience includes preparation of technical contamination reports for the EIS of the South Arm Dredging Project and EIA for the Capital Dredging Project for NPC.

Alison has also prepared technical documentations for the Western Swing Basin Concept and was the project manager for Stage 1 of the Hunter River Remediation Sediment Validation Sampling for Thiess and BHPB.

Senior Environmental Engineer
T: +61 2 4979 9990
E: Alison Monkley

Daniel Todd - Perth

Daniel Todd

Daniel has more than 12 years' experience focused in environmental impact assessment and auditing, with extensive experience completing EIA for IFC, Asian Development Bank funded projects throughout Asia Pacific. Daniel has experience in environmental approvals and technical impact assessment for mining, transport and water infrastructure projects. He has led impact assessments for a pulp and paper mill in southern China, a dam rehabilitation project in Shandong, and a constructed lake project in Central China.

Principal Environmental Scientist
T: +61 8 6222 8974
E: Daniel Todd

Simon French - Perth

Simon French

Simon's experience spans more than 20 years, in Western Australia and previously in the UK. This includes projects in the mining, infrastructure, industrial, power, water, waste, property and recreation sectors. He has extensive experience in technical assessment of ground contamination issues, assessment of resultant risks, implications for future uses and remediation requirements.

Principal Engineer
T: +61 8 6222 8203
E: Simon French

Andrew Kohlrusch - Sydney

Andrew Kohlrusch

Andrew has more than 20 years' experience in the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites. He has investigated soil, soil gas, groundwater, sediment and air quality at sites including landfills (both municipal and industrial), gas works, defence facilities, chemical manufacturers, oil refineries and power stations.

Andrew's roles have ranged from field geologist to project manager and project director. He was appointed a NSW EPA accredited site auditor in 2004 and a WA DEC auditor in 2010. He has worked in most states of Australia as well as Asia and New Zealand on a breadth of projects - from due diligence audits to multimillion dollar soil and groundwater remediation programs. The types of projects in which he has been involved include: soil and groundwater contamination investigations, decommissioning and pre purchase investigations, due diligence audits, groundwater monitoring and hydrogeological studies; and soil and groundwater remediation (bioremediation, UST removal, soil vapour extraction, chemical treatment, stabilisation and containment cells).

Principal Environmental Scientist
T: +61 2 9239 7187
E: Andrew Kohlrusch

Jacqueline Hallchurch - Sydney

Jacqueline Hallchurch

Jacqui is a Senior Environmental Scientist with more than seven year' experience in environmental site assessments, with particular experience in sediment investigations, assessment and remediation of contaminated sites, soil vapour monitoring and human health risk assessments.

She holds a Masters' degree in Environmental Science and a BSc in Oceanography and Marine Biology.

Senior Environmental Scientist
T: +61 2 9239 7046
E: Jacqueline Hallchurch

United States of America

Damian Vanetti - East Coast

Damien Vanetti

Damian has more than 25 years' extensive experience in all aspects of environmental engineering, construction and facility management with a focus on brownfield site redevelopment and solid/hazardous waste management.

Damian's key areas include real estate negotiations and acquisitions, site planning, regulatory approvals, permitting, site investigations, remediation, facility construction, brownfield site redevelopment and facility operations and maintenance. His brownfield experience includes dealing with site contamination from hazardous waste, petroleum, solvents, heavy metals, PCBs and pesticides/herbicides that have impacted groundwater, soils, soil vapor, surface water, sediments and building structures. Clients that Damian works with include industries, commercial businesses, property developers, municipal government agencies, and federal government agencies. Damian focuses on understanding the clients business needs, project assessment, planning and cost controls to successfully complete all aspects of projects.

Business Leader Environment - East Coast USA
T: +1 315 679 5838
E: Damian Vanetti

Mark Dockum - West Coast

Mark Dockum

Mark has more than 30 years' experience applying technical and leadership skills to solve complex problems concurrently with implementing unique solutions. His technical experience includes a significant number of projects involving soil and groundwater investigation, fate and transport interpretation and designing of and implementation of remediation strategies.

Site Remediation Technical & Business Leader
T: +1 415 296 2040
E: Mark Dockum

Dave Vossler - West Coast

Dave Vossler

Dave is a senior geologist with more than 25 years' experience in performing environmental investigations to evaluate soil, surface water and groundwater contamination including underground storage tanks (USTs), resource conservation and recovery act and comprehensive environmental response and compensation and liability act projects.

His strong technical background, project management and remedial experience have led to successful innovated approaches to site investigations, remediation and eventually site closures. Dave has evaluated and designed cost-effective remedial approaches to a variety of environmental conditions and conducted and/or managed more than 350 environmental investigations at UST, industrial, semi-conductor and military sites. These investigations involved releases of refined petroleum products, waste oil, chlorinated solvents, metals, pesticides and industrial waste. Dave also liaises with regulatory agencies, provides litigation support and state and local agency negotiations.

Senior Geologist
T: +1 707 540 9954
E: Dave Vossler

Jed Douglas - West Coast

Jed Douglas

Jed is a certified industrial hygienist and professional geologist with more than 24 years' experience in the environmental consulting field. He works on industrial hygiene projects involving indoor air quality assessments, health and safety plans, job safety and environmental analysis, quality assurance project plans (QAPP) and sampling and analysis plans (SAP). He has directed, managed, and performed every aspect of various projects, including mold investigations and remediation, chemical indoor air quality investigations, LEED certification for new construction and renovation, asbestos and lead investigations and remediation, and data interpretation and reporting. He has significant experience in data collection, field operations, and staff training.

T: +1 707 267 2260
E: Jed Douglas

Christopher Benjamin - West Coast

Christopher Benjamin

Chris is an environmental engineer and is involved on a diverse range of environmental projects across Australia, the Middle East and, most recently, the US.

He has carried out contaminated land assessments including the installation, development and sampling of groundwater monitoring wells for the Land Development Agency, the Australian Department of Defence, Qatar Petroleum and Overseas Bechtel Incorporated. Chris has also managed various field survey campaigns required for the collection and assessment of groundwater samples for physicochemical properties (conductivity, pH, salinity), and both soil and water samples for heavy metals, organo-chlorines, organophosphates, hydrocarbons, PAH.

Service Group Manager - Environment
T:+1 415 296 3619
E: Christopher Benjamin

New Zealand

Wijnand Udema

Wijnand Udema

Wijnand has over 17 years' experience in the environmental consulting sector with experience spanning Europe, South East Asia, the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia.

Wijnand is experienced in contaminated site investigations, environmental and human health risk assessments, acid sulphate soil investigation and management, landfill environmental management, contaminated sediment dredging and remediation, contaminated land and groundwater remediation and environmental due diligence. He is also well versed in other environmental disciplines.

Wijnand has acted as expert witness for the Environment Court on contaminated land issues for infrastructure projects and also in the High Court litigation proceedings relating to contaminated land remediation.

Wijnand is based in GHD’s Auckland office.

Service Line Coordinator - Contamination Assessment & Remediation
T: +64 9 3708205
E: Wijnand Udema

Middle East

Nicholas Pohl

Nicholas Pohl

Nick has more than 12 years' experience in the management of environmental engineering projects internationally including the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. He has managed large multi-disciplinary projects in the areas of environmental impact assessment, contaminated land, hazardous waste, environmental regulation development, EHS management systems and sustainability.

Nick has delivered projects for clients in oil and gas, aviation, mining, industrial, energy, property and buildings, transportation, defence and education sectors and also for Federal and state government agencies.

Principal Environmental Engineer
T: +9 7126 968715
E: Nicholas Pohl