Integrated Water Management

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The sustainable management of water is one of the key challenges facing our society today. As decision makers, we need to take an informed and holistic approach to the sustainable and secure management of a valuable resource.

Integrated Water Management (IWM) is a strategy that brings together all facets of the water cycle — water supply, sewage management, water treatment and stormwater management — to achieve strong triple bottom line benefits.

Around the globe, we now recognise that water demand and water supply are not in balance. Our professionals understand the interrelation and importance of water reuse, stormwater, groundwater and seawater as essential additions to the traditional water sources from dams and rivers. We offer IWM strategies that are inclusive of these sources and provide long-term sustainable solutions.

With more than 80 years of experience in the management and delivery of water services to the community, GHD’s water gurus understand the correlation between all water cycle elements.

Our people can deliver IWM schemes to benefit organisations and communities through superior energy efficiency, low embedded energy materials and liveable, sustainable community environments


  • Water harvesting
  • Water storage and treatment
  • Water distribution
  • Sewage collection and treatment
  • Water recycling, environmental/river replacement flows
  • Community engagement and management
  • Business and government strategic advisory services
  • Triple bottom line analysis
  • Multi-variable criteria and sustainability analysis
  • Project management 

For further information, contact:

Ryan Brotchie
Service Line Leader, Integrated Water Management – Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East
T: +61 3 8687 8827
E: Ryan Brotchie

Ted Whiton
Service Line Leader, Integrated Water Management – North America
T: +1 707 540 9007
E: Ted Whiton

Clear Harbour Alliance


With the growth of Auckland City, the combined stormwater/wastewater system was exceeding capacity during rainfall events, resulting in pollution of the Waitemata Harbour. A conventional project model could not guarantee the level of service that Metrowater wanted for their customers during the separation process so they decided on an Alliance model – one that was strongly customer focussed. The project goal of cleaning up Auckland’s harbour was a philosophy of shared ownership and responsibility reflected in the principle – "it's ours".

Metrowater is Auckland City's water and wastewater utility and was established by Auckland City Council to provide water and wastewater services to over 142,000 homes and businesses, reaching 420,000 people across Auckland City.  The area of operation covers 153 square kilometres with a water and wastewater network of more than 3,600 km of pipes. Metrowater’s expectation is that their customers receive the highest quality, reliable water supply possible and that Auckland City’s wastewater networks are managed in a cost effective, environmentally sound and sustainable manner.

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Development of an Alternative Water Atlas


Client: Smart Water Fund, representing Melbourne Water, City West Water, Yarra Valley Water, South East Water and the Department of Sustainability and Environment Melbourne is a rapidly growing urban centre that has experienced the risks and changes associated with climate variability, as an extended drought saw water supply dam levels fall to approximately 25% capacity during 2009.

Since 2009, issues surrounding both current and future water supplies and costs have become increasingly present in politics and the media.

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Gracetown Sustainable Living, Western Australia


The existing town of Gracetown is built on 27ha of steeply sloping ground rising from the south-eastern shore of the north-facing Cowaramup Bay in Western Australia. The lowest part of the town is set back from the beach approximately 100m from the shoreline and is approximately 10m above sea level.

The existing town extends approximately 0.5 km up the slope to an elevation of approximately 90m Australian Height Datum. The underlying geology is characterised by shallow weathered limestone-based sands and limestone overlying a granite bedrock (at depths of approximately 20-30m below ground level).

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Integrated Water Management in the South East Region


Client: South East Water

The development of a long-term water solution for Melbourne’s water supply is now underway. South East Water (SEWater), Melbourne Water and Southern Rural Water have gone into partnership to develop an Integrated Water Management (IWM) scheme for the south east of Victoria.

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Kanawha River, West Virginia


Our client is completing an investigation of a 14-mile section of the Kanawha River near Nitro, West Virginia, under the Removal Action program for the United States Environmental Protection agency (USEPA). The river is partially controlled by a series of locks and dams, and is a major transportation route for coal and other materials. The investigation was completed in three phases:

  • Assembly and detailed review of existing information to develop a Site Conceptual Model (CSM)
  • Refining the CSM through focused sampling, including fish tissue, surface water quality, natural recovery analysis, and sediment quality
  • Additional sediment sampling to fill in data gaps to support remedy selection

Based on this information, GHD developed a detailed understanding of site conditions and recovery trends. We developed a 3D hydrodynamic model to support the evaluation of recovery trends and remedy selection. GHD completed human health and ecological risk assessments for the site and developed preliminary remediation goals.

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Pimpama Coomera Waterfuture Master Plan


Client: Gold Coast City Council (GCCC)

The Pimpama Coomera Waterfuture project is a Gold Coast City Council (GCCC) initiative investigating integrated urban water management. The aim is to drive more sustainable urban use of the region’s water resources.

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Ryan Brotchie

Ryan Brotchie

Ryan, a water strategy and planning consultant based in Melbourne, is the Service Line Leader for Integrated Water Management for Australia, Asia-Pacific, UK and Middle East.

A key focus of his career has been the development of city and catchment scale IWM strategies and plans, as well as local scale IWM planning. He has held key roles on a number of complex and innovative IWM projects, such as the Alternative Water Atlas for Melbourne and the South East Water IWM Strategy, and recently authored a review of 15 IWM studies undertaken by the Victorian water industry over a four year period.

Service Line Leader, Integrated Water Management – Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East
T: +61 3 8687 8827
E: Ryan Brotchie


Philip Joyce - Melbourne

Philip Joyce

Leading the Integrated Stormwater Management team in Melbourne, Philip has more than 15 years' experience, working in both Australia and the UK. Philip's knowledge spans WSUD, stormwater and rain water harvesting, waterway engineering and stormwater drainage. His main roles in this work are as a project manager and technical reviewer. He is a Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Senior Engineer, Integrated Stormwater Management
T: +61 3 8687 8868
E: Philip Joyce

Jeff Foley - Western Australia

Jeff Foley

Jeff Foley is manager of the Western Australian Integrated Water Systems service group and a principal process engineer, with over ten years’ experience in the areas of wastewater treatment & recycling, odour control, life cycle assessment and greenhouse gas emissions. His involvement in projects has ranged from concept design and process modelling, through to detailed design, construction, commissioning and process optimisation.

Manager, Integrated Water Systems - Western Australia
T: +61 8 6222 8577
E: Jeff Foley