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We see the need for irrigation solutions as a requirement that extends beyond today and into the future.

Our engineers, scientists and planners can provide sustainable, cost-effective and innovative irrigation solutions that meet the needs of communities, industry and national policy and strategy.

GHD provides comprehensive, innovative and independent services to the irrigation industry — services that address the current challenges of water scarcity or over-supply, salinity, modernisation, efficiency and environmental water management. We also consider water infrastructure, systems managements and remodelling.

We’ll work hand in hand with you to balance the sometimes competing demands of agriculture, industry, community and ecosystems.


  • Strategic policy
  • Planning
  • Institutional reviews
  • Environmental science
  • Stakeholder and community engagement
  • Design and construction
  • Triple bottom line solutions
  • Rural water management
  • Irrigation reconfiguration
  • Off-farm and on-farm water use efficiency
  • Surface and acquifer storage of off peak water 
  • Water accounting and salinity assessment 

Engage us and you’ll better understand water markets and skills in catchment planning and management, integrated water cycle management and institutional reviews.

For further information, contact:

Michael Simpson
Service Line Leader, Irrigation – Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East
T: +61 2 9239 7087
E: Michael Simpson

Andy Glitzer
Service Line Leader, Irrigation – North America
T: +1 814 643 8260
E: Andy Glitzer

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Steven Roach

Steven Roach

Steven Roach is a Principal Water Resources Engineer with 17 years’ experience in hydrology, hydraulics, irrigation, drainage and water resources modelling. In recent years, Steven has been involved in a range of projects related to irrigation system modernisation and the protection and restoration of flow regimes in floodplains and river systems. Steven has worked closely with water agencies and government departments to provide technical advice in relation to hydrologic processes, water resource assessment and strategic advice on water resource management and system modernisation and operation.

Principal – Hydrology & Irrigation
T: +61 3 8687 8284
E: Steven Roach

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