Materials Technology

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GHD’s Materials Technology team provides cost-effective, independent professional advice to a diverse client base. We deliver:

  • Design and specification of materials appropriate for their intended service life, environment and loads
  • Engineering management to achieve the design life of structures/plant and their construction materials
  • Engineering of remedial measures for deteriorated structures appropriate to their operating requirements and intended future service life

Access to materials testing and research enables our professionals to develop cost-effective and timely solutions for materials-related issues.

We are committed to assisting clients in achieving lowest life cycle cost asset life, minimising operations downtime and promoting long-term efficiency for ongoing processes.


Our network of materials technology consultants provides solutions for clients in:

  • Diagnosis investigation
  • Remedial engineering
  • Durability assurance
  • Corrosion engineering
  • Construction materials technology
  • Materials testing and research

We advise owners, designers andcontractors to achieve durable structures.

Partner with us and benefit from a unique combination of state-of-the-art knowledge and practical engineering skills.

For further information, contact:

Rodney Paull
Service Line Leader, Materials Technology - Australia/New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe/Middle East
T: +61 8 6222 8222
E: Rodney Paull 

Francois Cote
Service Line Leader, Materials Technology - North America
T: +1 514 339 0144
E: Francois Cote

Building waterproofing membrane replaced failed system


The building reinforced concrete roof waterproofing membrane had deteriorated with water leaks in the ceiling. GHD was commissioned to provide consultancy services for the design and documentation of a replacement waterproofing membrane on the building.

The scope of the project included:

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Burj Dubai


GHD provided Independent Verification, Testing and Audit (IVTA) durability assurance for concrete and structural steel for construction of a spectacular skyscraper in Dubai.

GHD was initially appointed in 2004 to design and review the installation of a cathodic protection system to protect the reinforced concrete piles and raft foundation, as well as to provide advice on securing the long-term durability of the foundations for Burj Dubai.

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Calliope South Wharf access jetty


GHD has delivered Cathodic Protection (CP) repair services to the Calliope South Wharf Access Jetty in Devonport New Zealand. Owned by the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN), the Jetty is a pre-cast pre-stressed reinforced concrete structure built in 1982 that connects the outer wharf to the landside base..

The pre-stressing tendons of the main beams of the jetty structure were found to be suffering from corrosion, due to high concentration of chloride ions from the surrounding environment and low concrete covers. The RNZN sought a long-term solution to the deteriorating concrete elements to avoid repetitive repairs.

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Eleanor Schonell - bridge durability


GHD provided durability assurance as part of design and construction support for the 100 year design life, with review to extend to 150 years. Opened on 17 December 2006, the Eleanor Schonell Bridge is Australia’s first bus, cycle and pedestrian-only bridge. It links Brisbane’s Southern suburbs and the St Lucia campus of the University of Queensland. GHD provided structural and civil design for the AUD55M project for Brisbane City Council.

The cable-stayed steel composite structure is only the third of its kind to be built in Australia and is an impressive 520 metres long, with a 185-metre main span. The harp configured support cables are suspended from two reinforced concrete towers rising 70 metres above the river. This landmark infrastructure project features a number of environmentally sustainable design elements, including bio-retention ponds to control the quality of water run-off, minimal use of refill from off-site sources and a bridge alignment that has saved a number of native trees.

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Glenelg Gates condition assessment


The Department for Water (previously the Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation) commissioned GHD to undertake a condition assessment of the Glenelg Gates structure. It is situated between Holdfast Shore Marina and the Patawalonga Basin at Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia.

The purpose of the project was to provide a detailed condition assessment of the existing sub-structure and super-structure to allow consideration of refurbishment options for a minimum remaining service life of 40 years.

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Lake Manchester Dam concrete crack and durabaility assessment


Dam upgrade works were required for a dam with a high hazard rating in accordance with Australian National Committee on Large Dams (ANCOLD) Guidelines on the Consequences of Dam Failure. The concrete gravity dam was strengthened with post tensioned anchors, requiring an increased crest height and new spillway floor and walls.  The dam raise used precast concrete boxes for permanent formwork that were then filled with concrete and post tensioned to the dam body and foundations.  

The design was to be in accordance with current accepted national practice for dam engineering so that the dam was of a standard of safety that satisfied the requirements of the owner, the relevant statutory authorities and the community.  Durability assessment by a specialist consultant was recognised as important and formally required for the project.

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Marine structures – asset maintenance


Marine structures of wharves, bridges and associated structures are subject to aggressive marine corrosion conditions that justify an inspection and repair asset maintenance program to achieve the intended service life of critical civil infrastructure.

The scope of the project was:

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Perth to Bunbury Highway


The Southern Gateway Alliance (SGA), comprising GHD, Leighton Contractors and WA Limestone in partnership with Main Roads Western Australia, was awarded the contract to build the AUD511 million new Perth to Bunbury Highway in 2006.

The Perth to Bunbury Highway project will increase the efficiency of the north-south road network and improve regional transport through a high standard road link between Perth and the south west.

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Rodney Paull

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Rodney is GHD’ Service Line Leader for Materials Technology, with responsibility for assisting construction materials development across GHD's offices. Rodney has more than 30 years' experience in construction materials technology. He worked for Taywood Engineering Limited in Australia, eight years in Singapore and Malaysia establishing and managing the company's offices, and eight years in Hong Kong as a Manager. Prior to that, he was a design engineer with Water Corporation and a technical engineer with a premix concrete company responsible for concrete quality. Rodney is the author of over 40 technical papers on materials consultancy topics, with emphasis on durability assurance in design/construction and  the investigation and repair of reinforced concrete structures.

Service Line Leader, Materials Technology
T: +61 8 6222 8222

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