Transportation Planning & Traffic Engineering

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Our transport and traffic team has extensive experience in planning, design and management of all facets of traffic engineering and transport planning projects.

GHD brings a fresh approach to integrated transport with an innovative, dynamic, highly motivated and enthusiastic team of traffic engineers and transport planners who harness a great depth of industry experience and knowledge.

Whether you require high level policy and strategic advice at the beginning of a project or detailed engineering advice at the design stage, you will benefit from the commitment and dedication of our people. We pride ourselves on staying informed of the latest industry thinking and trends through regular involvement in industry bodies, conferences and seminars.

We understand that transport needs are inherently linked to land use; the two cannot be understood in isolation. Our integrated team of transport and land use planners offer advice and solutions related to the entire system, rather than one item in isolation. Our solutions encourage active travel. We incorporate an understanding of economic and financial factors impacting on efficient freight movement, such as road versus rail freight options.

Public transport is becoming increasingly important in society. We are equipped to provide a way forward - from the specifics of bus route timetables through to the location and layout of new rail interchanges and associated track route alignments.

Our team offers services that include:

  • Active transport, bicycle and pedestrian advice
  • Demand management
  • Freight planning and advice
  • Integrated land use, transport advice and transport studies
  • Parking strategies, analysis and advice
  • Pedestrian simulation and traffic and transport modelling
  • Public transport infrastructure and service advice
  • Road safety audits and analysis
  • Strategic route planning and feasibility studies
  • Traffic engineering assessments and advice
  • Traffic impact assessments
  • Transport strategies
  • Travel behaviour change
  • Urban revitalisation transport advice

For further information, contact:

Erin Jackson
Service Line Leader, Transport Planning & Traffic Engineering – Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East
T: +61 3 6210 0617
E: Erin Jackson

John Westland
Service Line Leader, Transport Planning & Traffic Engineering – North America
T: +1 905 814 4358
E: John Westland

17 Mile Drive/Holman Highway 68/Highway 1 Roundabout Intersection ICE, Monterey, California, USA


As part of our integration with Omni-Means, GHD prepared a roundabout solution to improve the intersection of SR 68/SR 1 including access to 17 Mile Drive.

Existing delays at the location including various intersections operating at Level of Service (LOS) “D” and “F” during certain peak hours were becoming unsustainable and all intersections except SR 68/CHOMP were predicted to reach a LOS "F" by the year 2035. This meant that the EB approach on SR 68 during morning peak will have queues of 42 vehicles with similar queuing for the EB and WB approach during PM peak after 2025. In order to mitigate this, we prepared a transportation operations study to support the ICE process and presented the results of conceptual alternatives.

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Circulation Improvement Program, traffic model, and transportation impact fee update, Jackson, California, USA


As part of our integration with Omni-Means, GHD has assisted the City of Jackson to address the multimodal needs of the community.

Utilizing a Caltrans Community Based Transportation Planning grant, the Amador County Transportation Commission, in conjunction with the city, retained us to execute a Circulation Improvement Program. This comprised:

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East West Link


GHD has been working as part of the East West Link Planning Alliance alongside the NZ Transport Agency, Beca and Buddle Findlay since 2016 to deliver the suite of consents for the project with the aim of having the NZD1.25 to NZD1.85 billion project ‘tender ready’ by December 2017.

The East West Link is one of the New Zealand Government’s top priority transport projects in Auckland. It is also one of the top priority projects identified in the ‘Auckland Plan’ – the planning guide for the city. The project aims to:

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Hale Street link


GHD was engaged by the Brisbane City Council to complete a feasibility study and impact assessment study of the proposed Hale Street link.

The link will consist of a tolled bridge river crossing between Milton and South Brisbane and will cater for the growth in population and travel within the inner city area, including the West End.

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Interstate 5/Deschutes Road interchange improvements


As part of our integration with Omni-Means, GHD was engaged by the City of Anderson to study and develop interchange improvement alternatives, including the addition of a new northbound off-ramp, at the I-5/Deschutes Road interchange. The need to increase transport safety and efficiency is driven by large-scale development proposals in the vicinity.

This study included detailed traffic modeling, traffic operations analysis, and preliminary design alternatives. We also prepared a detailed Roundabout Conceptual Approval Report, Project Study Report, Project Report, and environmental approvals for the roundabout interchange. After the Traffic Impact Fee Program (also produced by GHD) was adopted by the City of Anderson and Shasta County in 2007, funding was secured in 2011 to undertake design phase 1 of the project, which includes a new off-ramp and 5-leg/2-lane roundabout for northbound traffic.

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Nuvali Transport Planning, Ayala Land Inc.


GHD provided transportation and traffic modelling to determine the appropriate number of road lanes required by Nuvali, an Ayala Land, Inc. development south of Metro Manila. The key feature of this development is the adoption of sustainable and environmentally sound design practices. We also prepared conceptual plans for all utilities, including water supply, wastewater collection and treatment, drainage system, power distribution and telecommunication systems.

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Onehunga Bus Station Upgrade


Auckland Transport commissioned GHD to assist with the delivery of the professional services to improve pedestrian, passenger and bus driver amenities for Onehunga Bus Station.

Together with the client and contractors, GHD prepared a design that resulted in the provision of a high-quality bus station within a tight timeframe - less than one year from concept design through to final construction.

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Prebbleton Scheme Assessment


GHD has completed a review of five intersections adjacent to the Prebbleton, a township in the Selwyn District in the Canterbury Region of New Zealand, located 11 km southwest of the centre of Christchurch.

The objective of this project was to propose suitable upgrades to improve safety, reduce severance through the township, and provide more efficient linkages to the motorway interchange currently under construction.

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Public Bike End-of-Trip Facilities, Gold Coast, Australia


GHD is playing a key role in helping the City of Gold Coast to develop publicly available end-of-trip facilities for cyclists. End-of-trip facilities is a term which refers to bike parking and other associated cycling services.

Our team developed an approach that looked at the opportunities presented at various potential sites. The approach sought to attract the broadest possible market of cyclists- from families with young kids, commuters, beach-goers and sports cyclists.

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Réfection d’un pont et améliorations routières


L’inspection par GHD du pont Wentworth Street Bridge, d’une longueur de 18 m, pour le compte de la région de Durham à Oshawa (Canada) a révélé un certain nombre de problèmes de sécurité importants.

Ces derniers comprenaient des voies de circulation étroites et troittoirs ne respectant pas les normes, l’absence de dégagement entre la bordure de la voie extérieure et le trottoir, la détérioration de l’état du pont, ainsi que des éléments de sécurité (trottoirs et glissières) non conformes à la réglementation en vigueur.

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SR 99/Central Galt Interchange modification, Galt, California, USA


As part of our integration with Omni-Means, GHD has helped increase interchange capacity for the SR99. Aimed at solving deficiencies and accommodating planned growth within the City of Galt and the South Sacramento County region, the project is aligned with the respective adopted General Plans and the Transportation Concept Report (TCR).

The Central Galt Interchange is the primary access into the downtown area. Recent urban growth, and future growth projected by the General Plan, necessitated a solution to address a currently congested area. We provided 15 alternative design solutions for the selection committee to consider. The resulting design included the reconstruction of all four-interchange ramps, auxiliary lanes on SR 99 to the adjacent interchanges, and two new overcrossing structures.

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Sydney Metro Northwest – Operations, Trains and Systems Independent Certifier Services


The AU$8.3 billion Sydney Metro Northwest project - formerly the North West Rail Link - is the first stage of Sydney Metro, Australia’s largest public transport infrastructure project. It will be the first fully-automated metro rail system in Australia with passenger services starting in the first half of 2019.

The delivery of this 36 km rail system involves both greenfield and brownfield work. It also includes the manufacturing of 22, single deck, 6-car sets of Rolling Stock and the associated control systems to achieve a Grade of Automation level 4.

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Taylors Road Rail Underpass


GHD was engaged by Abigroup Contractors to deliver the design and documentation of the civil works, bridge works, rail bridge works and associated structures with the Taylors Road Rail Underpass.

The aim of this project was to provide improved road safety and reduced travel times for western suburbs residents.

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Victoria Street West Cycleway


GHD is excited to work with AT on another important link in Auckland’s cycling network. The Victoria Street Cycleway (formerly called the Midtown Cycleway) will be a dedicated, physically separated from motorised traffic for the whole route running between the Beaumont Street intersection and the Hobson Street intersection along Victoria Street West.

The goal of the Victoria Street Cycleway is to create a continuous separated, safe, and attractive route to and from the city. Where practical, the cycle lanes will be physically separated from pedestrians with a small kerb. The Victoria Street Cycleway will be the first section of a larger midtown cycling connection. This connection will provide safe, separated cycling facilities between Victoria Park and the Auckland Domain, creating cycleways to and through the heart of the city centre from the west and the east.

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Erin Jackson

key person image

Erin has more than 10 years’ experience in traffic engineering, transport planning and modelling, road safety, sustainable transport and project management. Her experience has been gained through her direct involvement in large and small scale transportation studies and infrastructure projects throughout Australia. She is based in GHD’s Hobart office.

Erin has worked on a number of key projects including road safety strategy for the Shire of Melton, Glenorchy to Hobart CBD transit corridor plan for the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources, Devonport parking strategy for Devonport City Council and Tasman Highway access upgrades for Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources.

Service Line Leader, Transport Planning & Traffic Engineering – Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East
+61 3 6210 0617
E: Erin Jackson


Martin Smith - Melbourne

Martin Smith

Martin leads the Integrated Transport team in Melbourne. He has extensive experience in project management, leading large and complex programs across Australia, the Middle East, the UK and North America. The Integrated Transport team consists of a wide range of experience in the fields of transport planning, traffic engineering, modelling, road safety, freight and logistics, ports and maritime engineering, and business case/risk assessments.

Service Group Manager, Integrated Transport Melbourne
+61 3 8687 8120
E: Martin Smith

Graham McCabe - Sydney

key person image

Graham has 19 years’ experience in traffic and transport planning and engineering. He has developed innovative solutions to improve the transport system including traffic signal design and optimisation, traffic modelling, bus network planning and design and walking and cycling.

Graham is working with government and private industry clients to solve transport issues at all scales.

He has significant experience in active and sustainable transport, and was responsible for the development, design and implementation of the City of Sydney Cycle Strategy, which introduced separated cycleways into Australia on a network basis. He also has led traffic analysis, modelling and bus priority training for Roads and Maritime Services. His experience in traffic signal applications includes the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS) that operates around the world.

Previously, Graham worked for Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime Services, and the Council of the City of Sydney.

Team Leader, Integrated Transport Planning, Infrastructure Advisory – Sydney
T: +61 2 9239 7625
E: Graham McCabe

Steve McDermott - Western Australia

key person image

Steve has more than 30 years’ experience in traffic engineering, transport planning and modelling, road safety and project management. His experience has been gained through many projects for Main Roads WA, local authorities and private developers.  

Recent key projects include, traffic analysis for the Kwinana Freeway extension, road safety audits for local authorities and Main Roads WA, transport input to the Cockburn ORR East West Road for the Department of Planning and traffic engineering input and assessment for a number of primary school and high school masterplans.

Road and Transport Planning Team Leader – Western Australia
+61 8 6222 8514
E: Steve McDermott

Middle East

Walter Saldanha

key person image

Walter has more than 14 years experience managing the delivery of major building, transport and infrastructure projects in the Middle East and Australia, holding senior roles within both the public and private sectors. 

Based in the Middle East, he is currently managing our Transport service group in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) He has developed exceptional relationships with a wide range of clients, both in Government and the private sector.  Walter has previously worked for VicRoads and Leighton Contractors in Melbourne, Australia

Recent key projects include design of the Cultural District tunnel entrance at Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, a new Executive Jet Terminal at Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai, expansion of Terminal 2 at Abu Dhabi International Airport, delivery of initiatives under Abu Dhabi’s Freight Transport Masterplan, design of a new Guide Signage System for Abu Dhabi, Maritime Infrastructure Planning for Abu Dhabi Emirate and various Traffic Impact Studies (TIS) for multi-use developments.

Manager, Transport and Infrastructure – UAE
+971 2 696 8836
E: Walter Saldanha

New Zealand

Aaron Campion

key person image

Based in New Zealand, Aaron has more than 10 years’ experience in traffic engineering, transport planning, road safety, sustainable transport and project management. He has been directly involved in large and small scale transportation studies and infrastructure projects throughout the UK and New Zealand. Aaron has worked on a number of key projects and understands the importance of providing efficient transport linkages while still providing well planned, viable and pleasant places. He has significant experience delivering integrated transport planning.

Aaron is currently the road safety manager for a large network operations contract, managing both the local and state managed transport network and serves as a technical representative for the NZ Road Controlling Authorities forum on road safety matters.

National Service Line Coordinator, Transport Planning & Traffic Engineering
+64 6 833 7764
E: Aaron Campion

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