Water Transmission & Distribution

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With more than 75 years’ experience in water supply planning, design, project management and operation, we’ve established a formidable knowledge base.

We share a strong commitment to working in partnership with you. That way, you can fully understand how your water systems work. Our engineers, scientists and ecologists address sustainability, water loss reduction and water efficiency improvements.


  • Sustainable water resource management and integrated urban water management
  • Drought response planning for the crucial planning, management and sustainable use of water
  • Water pipelines, using an impressive set of analytical and design tools to deliver over 5000km of pipelines (100mm to over 3000mm in diameter) in myriad terrains and pressure conditions
  • Pumping stations, including delivery of more than 500 pump stations designed with flows from 1 to over 40,000 litres per second and lifts of more than 1000m and challenging complexity through advanced electrical and mechanical technology
  • Balance storages in varying sizes, shapes and construction materials (concrete, steel, membranes), including ground level storage, elevated towers, standpipe storage and turkey’s nest storage
  • Network planning for the implementation and expansion of reticulation networks
  • Water hammer analysis
  • Water intakes, including design of still-water dam intakes, run-of-river intakes in mountain streams and river-bed intakes
  • Groundwater, including solutions to all groundwater abstraction problems, yield assessments, bore development and borehole pumping and treatment
  • Leaks, utilising capability in leak detection and control strategies, latest detection equipment and total life cycle solutions
  • Rehabilitation, through trenchless technology group solutions for rehabilitation/replacement of existing water mains
  • Project management and EPCM services 

For further information, contact:

Michael Simpson
Service Line Leader, Water Transmission & Distribution – Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East
T: +61 2 9239 7087
E: Michael Simpson

Andy Glitzer
Service Line Leader, Water Transmission & Distribution - North America
T: +1 814 643 8260
E: Andy Glitzer

3.0 MG Water Storage Tank


The Marcy Reservoir is an uncovered finished water reservoir with a capacity of 15 million gallons (MG), owned and operated by the Mohawk Valley Water Authority (MVWA). The reservoir is located along the primary transmission route extending from MVWA’s Water Treatment Plant to the distribution system.

The Long-Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2ESWTR) requires that uncovered finished drinking water reservoirs either be covered, replaced with covered storage, or undergo additional treatment. MVWA decided to replace the Marcy Reservoir with a covered storage tank. The new water storage tank will also provide improved regulation of pressures within intermediate low service zones of their system and improved corrosion control within the distribution system.

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Asset Management Information System Integrations, Manila Water


Manila Water engaged GHD to develop and implement its asset management information system blueprint, as part of an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) improvement program. Our role included development, tendering, contract management and implementation.

In addition to the blueprint, we developed a comprehensive plan for 34 identified integrations, involving nine different systems (SAP, Works Management, Capital Works, GIS, SCADA, Finance, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management & Metering).

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Clear Harbour Alliance


Elan Valley Aqueduct – Bleddfa


The Elan Valley Aqueduct (EVA) was constructed in 1904 to provide drinking water to the city of Birmingham, UK. The aqueduct is operated and maintained by Severn Trent Water.

GHD is playing a key role in helping the Barhale North Midland Construction Alliance (BNMA) construct four sections of new aqueduct, reinforcing sections of the original structure that are showing signs of structural distress. Bleddfa was the first site to be addressed, with a regulatory output date of March 2017.This tight deadline was achieved through a fast track design process undertaken in close collaboration between Severn Trent Water, BNMA and GHD.

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Repair shoreline revetment, Diego Garcia


GHD, as the prime engineer, provided civil and marine structural design, services under a Design/Build project with Black Construction at the US Navy support facility on Diego Garcia.

The project consists of demolishing existing shoreline protection, installation of 700 linear feet of new rock revetment, and site grading.  Documents developed included a basis of design report and calculations, construction plans and specifications. Revetment design was performed by determining the wave environment associated with the revetment grading and comparing this to the wave return periods predicted in the storm analysis.

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Water Infrastructure Upgrade Program


Charters Towers Regional Council (CTRC) required the prioritisation and delivery of a program of critical water infrastructure upgrades in North West Queensland.

CTRC secured funding from the Australian Government’s Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development under the National Stronger Regions Fund to upgrade the water supply network. Previous investigations identified a range of shortfalls with the potable water supply system, however addressing all of these shortfalls was in excess of the available funding.

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Water Treatment Automation and Centralisation (A+Ction)


As part of the A’Ction Alliance comprising GHD, Leicon-Notley and the Water Corporation Alliance, we have played a key role in an AUD50M brownfield treatment control system and SCADA upgrade project.

The project was initiated to raise the level of automation, reduce the need for operator intervention onsite and allow remote monitoring and operator control as well as enhance site security. Works included the automation and control of six metropolitan Water Treatment Plants (WTP), two regional water treatment plants and extensive borefields associated with the treatment plants.

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Mike Rodd

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Mike has more than 30 years' experience in all design aspects of major water transfer systems, covering the complete range from the initial conceptual development of a transfer scheme based on the hydraulic analysis through to the design optimisation of both the system and the principal components, and the detailed design coordination of these projects. This includes the use of appropriate pipe materials and or open channel type options depending on the hydraulic conditions and terrain constraints together with the appropriate balance of pumping and or relift systems as part of the optimisation process.

Technical Leader
+61 2 6113 3482
E: Mike Rodd

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Below is a selection of technical papers and presentations by members of GHD’s Water Transmission & Distribution team.

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