Lockyer Energy Project

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Lockyer Energy Project, 2.5km north of Gatton, Queensland (EPBC 2017/7994)


Queenslanders face higher electricity prices and an increasing likelihood of electricity blackouts as a result of aging existing power stations, a lack of investment in new dispatchable generation and changing electricity usage habits. New investment in dispatchable generation is needed to help alleviate this as well as support intermittent renewables.

Capital Partners Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 152 374 895) have purchased a site 2.5kms north of Gatton which already has in place existing planning permissions for a gas fired power station. The proposed Lockyer Energy Project is a highly efficient power station that meets the most stringent Australian regulatory requirements. Typical operating regimes based on market forecasts predict that the plant will only need to operate for up to 5% of the year during peak electricity demand periods. Furthermore, having a fast response, gas fired power station ready to respond to peak demand events is a low carbon intensive solution to ensure dispatchable electricity is available when electricity users require it – helping to keep the lights on for not only households and businesses in Lockyer but also in the wider south-east Queensland region.

Capital Partners Australia Pty Ltd have made an application under the EPBC Act which includes Referral Documentation (July 2017) and Preliminary Documentation (November 2017). The application explains how the project intends to mitigate and manage potential impacts to the listed threatened species and communities protected by provisions of Part 3 of the EPBC Act (section 18 & 18A) , namely Pteropus poliocephalus (Grey headed flying fox) and Phascolarctos cinereus (Koala) while helping to reduce the risk of blackouts for Queensland, lowers power prices and brings jobs and investment to Lockyer Valley.

Copies of the preliminary documentation are available for download using the below links:

Interested persons are invited to comment on the preliminary documentation. The preliminary documentation is available for comment for 10 business days from Wednesday 15th of November, 2017 to Tuesday 28th of November, 2017. The closing date for all submissions is 5.00pm (Queensland time) on Tuesday 28th of November 2017.

Submissions should be made in writing and addressed to:

Capital Partners Australia, PO Box 394, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217. Persons with special needs (e.g. For whom English is a second language or who has vision impairment) may contact GHD for assistance on 1800 423 411.