Smartphone terms and conditions

You as the “user” agree that:

  • All GHD supplied devices issued will remain the property of GHD at all times and is the user’s responsibility unless the end user has chosen to BYO device.  Upon GHD’s request, the GHD supplied device will promptly be returned in the original box with accessories, etc in good working order.
  • If the device is stolen, lost or broken due to misuse (e.g. dropped in water) except when the damage or loss occurs during normal working conditions, I agree that GHD will not replace the device but a loan device will be offered when and if available.
  • In the event of a device being stolen, I will report the incident to the police and receive a copy of the official report and supply to GHD’s Mobility Services Team.  In the event of the theft or loss of the device the user will report this to GHD IS staff immediately upon becoming aware of any such theft or loss.
  • The GHD supplied device remains in good working order, and any faults will be promptly reported to IS staff for resolution.  Users will not undertake, or authorise any third party to undertake any repairs, modifications, upgrades, changes or maintenance to any part of the GHD supplied, included Jailbreaking of Apple devices without prior written approval from the Mobility Services Team.  Your failure to comply may result in your device being returned to GHD indefinitely.
  • The issued device is for GHD use so the use of this device by  non-GHD staff is not permitted.  Also, provision of the device is dependent upon my current position in which I am employed/engaged or your employer/engager’s contract with GHD and if this changes, the requirement to have this device may change.  Therefore the GHD supplied device may be required to be returned to a local GHD OC IS Team if requested.
  • Most regions have banned using a mobile phone that is held in the hand while driving.  This includes while stopped at traffic lights.  Please check local laws regarding use of a mobile phone via hands-free or wireless headsets in relation to your licence type.  GHD is committed to reducing the risks which our staff face and create when driving or riding for work.  We ask all our staff to play their part, whether they use a company vehicle, their own or a hire vehicle. Staff driving for work must adhere to the laws in their local area.
  • I will comply with all relevant GHD policies and procedures, including but not limited to the GHD IS Code of Conduct, any other relevant corporate, OC, or office policy.  Furthermore, I agree that I will not use or permit any third party to use the device to access inappropriate content via the internet, whether I am at work, travelling or at home.
  • International data roaming can be very expensive without the knowledge of the user and even with seemingly minor activity. As a result, international data roaming is to be switched off as a standard set-up. International roaming for work is ONLY allowed with the approval of your OCM or Operations Manager who will need to be satisfied that you will take due care not to incur excessive data access cost and that no better value alternative is available.  International calls are also expensive and due care is to be taken by the traveller to ensure excessive costs are not incurred.  Notification, estimated data usage if any, dates of travel and the countries in which the end user will be visiting must be supplied to the Mobility Services Team before leaving.
  • International roaming for personal use has the same rules as for work purposes but is limited to $50 per month.  Please turn off data for this period of time.  Please refer to the FAQs for more details.  Any costs above this amount can be claimed back by GHD.
  • I have been provided with authentication credentials (user IDs, passwords, PINs) for logging into the device and other elements of the GHD network and will not disclose this information to any third party or use this information for any other purpose other than that which my work requires.
  • Generally purchases such as music, video clips, entertainment apps (including downloads), etc. will be for personal use and are not reimbursable by GHD.  Others may be claimed as a reimbursable expense but only with prior appropriate management approval.
  • If you are leaving GHD you are to contact the Mobility Services Team regarding the options which may enable the transfer or cancellation of your mobile service once your leaving date has been confirmed. In some instances, porting the number may result in a cost incurred which may be reimbursable by the employee. On leaving GHD all issued hardware will be handed back to your local IS team.
  • If you chose to BYO device, a 4 digit pin will be required at all times, applications may be blacklisted if they are deemed malicious, corporate data will be wiped if you leave the company and, the support will be limited to a basic level of troubleshooting.
  • Personal use of the GHD supplied device is acceptable.  Use for other businesses outside of GHD is however not allowed. 

I hereby agree to the above conditions.

                                                                                        I Agree                 I Disagree

Useful documents

The documents below are provided to help with setting up your mobile phone for GHD's environment.