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Productivity improvements, efficiency gains, value engineering, innovation:  frequently used words, but how do we make them tangible?   GHD can assist you in transforming these words into something meaningful and inspiring your people to deliver great results.

We provide innovation services in the following areas:

Organisational innovation

If you are looking for improved productivity, operational cost savings, or new revenue streams, then GHD can help.   Our defined, scalable and proven approach to innovation provides an effective way to tap into your workforce, capture ideas and deliver value. 

Project innovation

“To keep up with projected global growth through 2030, it will be necessary to spend US57 trillion [on infrastructure]"McKinsey & Co. March 2013.

GHD’s innovation framework can help project teams deliver this infrastructure within time, budget, resource and environmental constraints. Our proven approach is a cost effective way of using the collective knowledge of project teams, and capturing and prioritising valuable ideas to deliver.

Technology and R&D innovation

If you are looking to implement new ideas, or commercialise your own ideas, then GHD can tap into our global knowledge network to provide technical assessment and commercial analysis.  With acc­­­ess to a global market, including technology adopters and researchers, we can help identify appropriate partners and clients to deliver on your ideas.

Tangible outcomes

Each of our services provides opportunity for top and bottom-line revenue generation or cost savings:

Innovation tangible outcomes

Complementary Platforms 

theZone and PIVOT are online idea management Platforms.  They enable participants within an organisation (theZone) or a select group of organisations  (PIVOT) to crowd source ideas, collaborate, and vote in a transparent and structured approach. This helps to ensure resources are spent on delivering the most valuable ideas.  GHD uses and recommends these platforms as a compliment to offline services and activities.   The platforms are offered by the Innovation Interchange

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For further information contact:

Steve Parker
T: +44 203 077 7939
E: Steve Parker

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Steve Parker

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Steve Parker is an experienced manager of project and change initiatives with a particular focus in transportation and infrastructure. Steve is a chartered quantity surveyor with an MSc in project management. He specialises in programme and project management and governance; establishment of PMOs and their functions; business change, value management, benefits realisation and collaboration.

Head of Change, Value and Innovation - United Kingdom
+44 203 077 7939
E: Steve Parker