Technical Training

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Competence is key to operating safely and sustainably. Developing technically capable staff is essential of maintaining regulatory compliance and effective organisational processes.

Maintaining a high level of staff awareness and technical competency within an organisation can significantly reduce the risk of non-compliance with current legislation and exposure to overall business liability and risks. Key staff not only need good awareness of relevant operational issues but may well need a specific technical ability to underpin that awareness and perform their duties effectively, to achieve improvements in performance.  

We support our clients by identifying their competence requirements and providing a range of training and competence-building tools for individuals at all levels of the workforce. This includes both the development and delivery of in-house specialist courses for a wide range of topics, and the provision of industry accredited public training courses at venues across the UK throughout the year.


In-house bespoke technical training:

GHD works closely with clients to create bespoke technical training programmes tailored to suit their individual business needs and the commercial priorities and value drivers for their business. This partnered approach enables us to provide a level of training that can be phased and rolled-out in a manner that precisely fits our client’s requirements and available budget.

GHD provides bespoke training in the areas of:

  • asset management
  • lean learning/six sigma
  • HSEQ management systems compliance and auditing
  • permit management and compliance
  • corporate reporting and sustainability
  • environmental compliance and awareness
  • health and safety compliance and awareness
  • job specific operational health and safety

iemaSTS certified environmental training courses:

GHD is an IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) Registered Centre and runs a suite of IEMA endorsed environmental training courses, as follows:

  • IEMA Making the transition to ISO 14001:2015 (public and in-house)
  • IEMA-Approved 1-day carbon (GHG) accounting and management training course (public and in-house)
  • IEMA Leading with environmental sustainability (in-house only)

Courses are run both at public venues throughout the year in locations across the UK and Ireland; and in-house for clients wishing to train a group of eligible staff. To find out further details, please contact Sarah Moulds using the contact details below. 

For further information, contact:

Yasaman Ghorashi
T: +44 115 965 6700
E: Yasaman Ghorashi

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