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GHD in the Community

GHD assists many global communities to realise their potential and create lasting value through our community engagement program - GHD in the Community. This initiative has enabled us to support disadvantaged communities, provide immediate support to those affected by catastrophic events and assist a range of not-for-profit organisations to further their cause.

Established in 2001, GHD in the Community provides:

  • Funds and skills for projects in disadvantaged communities
  • Support for GHD staff or spouse involvement in not-for-profit organizations
  • Backing for various local office initiatives through which our staff provide support to worthy charity groups

Benefiting disadvantaged communities

GHD in the Community selects projects to support with the aim of enhancing local ways of life through the provision of pro-bono work and financial contributions.

During 2009/2010, GHD in the Community has been sponsoring a project in Tanzania run by Process Engineer, Dale Young. Dale is a water and wastewater engineer who has recently been named the 2010 Young Engineer of the Year for Queensland by Engineers Australia. Whilst on leave to support his partner working in the East African country of Tanzania, Dale saw an opportunity to improve the health and economic status of communities with water sanitation solutions.

In 2009 Dale established the MSABI project - a Swahili acronym meaning 'clean water for better health'. MSABI is a water, sanitation and hygiene initiative intended to empower and educate local Tanzanians and facilitate the provision of water related resources. To date, the locally employed MSABI team, in collaboration with the community has installed 61 new safe water points (rope pumps) including 43 new boreholes, 8 open well conversions and 8 replacements of broken pumps. MSABI has also introduced sanitary latrines, water filtration units, and in collaboration with the GHD Young Professionals group, text books to a local school.

GHD in the Community also responds to catastrophic events around the world including the September 2009 floods in Manila and the recent earthquake in Chile. The program provided funds to help GHD to rebuild their home or replace damaged property. Our people also contributed greatly by hosting fundraising activities in many of our operations to assist their colleagues.

Prior to this, GHD provided pro-bono assistance to Victorian water authorities to secure safe water supplies in bushfire-affected areas, in addition to making a cash donation for victims of the Australian Victorian bushfires to the Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund. We also assisted the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with initial response efforts to the impacts arising from the recent oil spill off Moreton Island in Queensland. And in 2008, the GHD Foundation contributed AUD75,000 to the Global Foundation’s Australia Unlimited Roundtable, a citizen-driven public policy process that facilitates the continuing development of national and international issues concerning Australia’s future.

Supporting causes

GHD in the Community is passionate about supporting staff involvement and contributing to fundraising activities for not-for-profit organisations. Our people around the world care for the wellbeing of the communities and the environments in which we operate. We support a broad range of organisations and causes around the world, including schools, disadvantaged communities, hospitals, healthcare societies such as the Cancer Council and the Leukemia Foundation, humanitarian organisations including The Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and Engineers without Borders and a multitude of charitable events.

In 2009, GHD became a corporate partner of RedR Australia, a not-for-profit organisation that provides emergency assistance to communities devastated by conflict or major natural disasters. As part of our involvement, four of our people have been trained in the Essentials of Humanitarian Practice to help save lives in disaster areas by providing vital services such as safe water, sanitation, power, roads and bridges, supplies of food and shelter materials, communications systems and protection services.

GHD Library

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