Across the world GHD operates in diverse and complex communities. As our reach broadens, our corporate social responsibilities expand. To GHD, sustainability means building a successful business today and delivering value over the long term. In an organisational context this means integrating social, economic and environmental issues into core business processes to achieve environmentally and socially responsible operations.

As part of our membership to the United Nations Global Compact (UNCG), we remain strongly committed to our alignment with their 10 principles. The GHD Sustainability Policy identifies those drivers that will help us achieve this:

  • Sustainabity-ghdDeveloping our people – We connect our people with a safe, diverse and rewarding career path. Our people feel valued and secure in their workplace.
  • Contributing to our world positively – We care by minimising our ecological impact through resource efficiency and nature conservation initiatives and by supporting communities through development and GHD in the Community programs.
  • Demonstrating good governance – We commit to our values and policies. This is reflected in the way we manage our business and interact with our clients and our people.
  • Managing our risk profile – We understand our risk appetite and manage our business to maximise opportunities by identifying and managing material risks to an acceptable level in accordance with a risk management framework.
  • Assisting our clients to be more sustainable – We create opportunities for our clients to enjoy prosperity and achieve sustainability goals with innovative ideas that embrace our sustainability principles.

For more information, view a copy of GHD's Sustainability Report.

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