Adobe Gulch Grasslands Habitat Restoration

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GHD is playing a key role in helping the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission restore a 66 acre watershed protection area in San Mateo County known as the Adobe Gulch Grasslands.

Our team developed a Mitigation and Monitoring Plan, produced design drawings and outlined specifications to restore the site to a diverse mosaic of native grassland, oak woodland, wetland and riparian habitat for species protected under the US Endangered Species Act. This includes the California Red-Legged Frog, San Francisco Garter Snake, Mission Blue Butterfly and the Bay Checkerspot Butterfly.

Once restoration is complete, the project will feature two seasonal wetlands and will contribute to improved water quality. It will closely resemble the landscape reported by surveyors in the mid-1800s.



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Impact Assessment & Permitting


GHD provides holistic, integrated solutions for managing impact assessment and approvals. Our environmental and community planners, engineers and scientists work with you to understand your needs from concept phase through to decommissioning.

From the start of a project, we consider environmental and social factors to help you minimise potential impacts of a project, reduce approvals timeframes and compliance costs and increase community engagement and acceptance.

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