Alameda County Water District

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The Alameda Creek watershed covers an area of 633 square miles and once supported a steelhead trout fishery. Modifications to the Alameda Creek streambed and urbanization of the surrounding land, however, eliminated spawning areas and made it impossible for steelhead to migrate upstream. As a result, steelhead have been absent from Alameda Creek and its tributaries for several decades.  This project is the first major fish passage project to be addressed in Alameda Creek as it is the first complete barrier in the system as it is a complete barrier for all life stages at all flows. 

GHD was awarded the contract to develop the 30-percent design drawings for this site as well as the next upstream barrier and two related fish screen projects.  The fish passage improvements will involve a complex vertical slot fish ladder with a roughened channel entrance and multiple automated exit gates to improve juvenile and adult salmonid migration over the flood control drop structure and the thirteen foot high inflatable rubber dam No. 1 in inflated and deflated positions.

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