Caltrans District 11 site development

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The new Caltrans District 11 headquarters was constructed on a 14-acre site, formerly used for storage and overflow, into a five building complex that will serve as the District’s new headquarters.

The existing Old Town trunk sewer occupied the Juan Street right-of-way and was rerouted to accommodate the multi-building campus. To provide sufficient slope and accommodate city and MWWD design guidelines, the sewer was reconstructed between an existing manhole in Taylor Street and the interceptor sewer inside the San Diego River levee.

The project required trenchless crossing of the railroad, constrained construction through developed property and penetration of the erosion- protected walls of the levee. New connection vaults were constructed on the interceptor sewer. Most of the construction was done adjacent to the existing alignment so that the existing sewer could remain serviceable during construction. This reduced the cost associated with redundant bypass capabilities necessary to comply with RWQCB requirements, but most important precluded the possibility of damage associated with sewage spills during construction. The new alignment followed a combination of new and existing easements.

Unique challenges to the development of the site included two 500-kV electrical towers, the presence of unclean soils, existing public streets, and a historical building. Specific services that GHD provided include digital aerial photography, boundary survey, preliminary grading, storm drain, sewer, and water system designs.

Project highlights:

  • Site design
  • Two 500-kV electrical towers
  • Sewer and water design
  • Saving of USD1 million in off-site sewer for the State
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