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When a large electric utility was faced with protection needs of a 2,000 MW major power plant site, a coordinated and exact detailed design of specialized fire systems, controls and emergency action plans were required to limit business interruption losses.

Detailed 3D designs were incorporated for an expansive fire systems upgrade for a large electrical power facility using deluge water spray on exterior transformers, fire pump and water storage tank, facility-wide fire alarm and controls, air aspirating smoke detection, clean agent protection for underfloor control rooms, flame detection and foam suppression systems. Systems construction and acceptance testing and commissioning were accomplished in the operating plant with minimal outages for continued business operations.

Fire and Life Safety


Every day we work with owners, developers, agencies, fire and building authorities, risk managers, insurers and design professionals to understand and collaboratively integrate fire and life safety objectives into the needs of our clients. Our team of fire engineers, designers and life safety consultants are focused on the challenges of fire and its effect on people, business and the environment. We effectively interpret and apply codes and standards, fire systems, fire engineering and life safety methodologies with a holistic view of fire and life safety and the other protection disciplines for both new and existing buildings, while keeping sustainability, economics and regulatory considerations in mind.


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