Department of Motor Vehicles headquarters, California

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GHD was appointed by Lionakis Beaumont Design Group, a local Californian architectural firm, to prepare construction documentation, and coordinate the bidding, and construction management services for the remodelling of the DMV Headquarter building. Our responsibilities involved working closely with the architect and project team to identify and design the remediation of lead, asbestos, PCBs, and other hazardous materials associated with this comprehensive abatement and remodel of the third floor of this project. We are also currently involved in the investigation and abatement design for the last two phases of the project involving the fifth and sixth floors. Each 75,000 square foot floor is abated one floor at a time. With the exception of the floor being abated and remodeled, all other floors are occupied and functioning without disruption to their critical missions.

The work included hazardous demolition, asbestos abatement of fireproofing, pipe insulation, and resilient flooring, and abatement of other hazardous materials including lead, PCBs and mercury. GHD prepared hazardous materials abatement drawings and specifications for the construction document package, and provided construction administration services including compliance monitoring for a four-month hazardous removal phase.

Hazardous materials specifications in CSI format were prepared to identify existing conditions and position for their proper removal and disposal.

The abatement was completed on schedule and within budget. The remaining construction work, including seismic upgrade, is ongoing.



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