East Fork Irrigation District Habitat Enhancement Program

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GHD has completed a number of habitat enhancement and fish passage projects for the East Fork Irrigation District, including fish screen & sand trap repairs, diversion headworks replacement, and habitat enhancement.

The East Fork Irrigation District delivers water from the Hood River watershed for use on nearly 10,000 acres of high quality agricultural property. The watershed supports anadromous fish runs and the district manages its deliveries to support water quality, water conservation and sensitive species. GHD has worked with the district to undertake a series of habitat enhancement projects that provide multiple benefits to the district and its stakeholder partners:

The acceptance/canal headworks improvements and sand trap/fish screen facility

GHD facilitated emergency repairs to the district’s 130 cubic foot per second diversion facilities, on the East Fork of the Hood River. A combination sand trap/fish screen facility using Coanda Screens provided the first documented research that this type of screen would not harm fish. This groundbreaking project was recognized by ACEC Oregon with and Engineering Excellence Award.

Central Lateral Canal enclosure & habitat enhancement project

This project in the Neal Creek sub-watershed converted an open irrigation canal to a closed pipe system and allowed for increased, more efficient deliveries facilitated by automatic actuated valves and improved diversion and screening structures. Project benefits included elimination of the diversion and its associated fish screen, elimination of unstable canal sections, correction of turbidity problems, and improved efficiency in the agricultural delivery system.

New diversion headworks project

We helped replace a 100-year old facility, including a seasonal forebay pool and boulder "push-up" dam across the river with a fish-friendly facility including Obermeyer check structure, a vertical slot fish ladder and a new automated headgate structure. Our work included extensive hydraulic analysis, geomorphologic study, detailed engineering design and construction support.

GHD has coordinated successfully with stakeholders including local tribes, watershed groups, the Bonneville Power Administration, the Oregon Departments of Fish & Wildlife, Environmental Quality and Transportation, the Oregon Division of State Lands, the National Marine Fisheries Service, and the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

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