Garapan Special District Revitalization and Pedestrian Mall

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GHD performed studies and provided full A&E services as part of the USD30 million revitalization of the Garapan Special District, a 15-block tourist area of Saipan.

Our scope of work involved studies and preparation of plans, specifications and estimates for USD8 million of road, drainage, signalization and landscaping improvements. The project was prepared in accordance with AASHTO guidelines and Federal Specifications Standards. GHD was responsible for the design of the geometry, utility relocation, drainage, signalization and traffic studies. This project required extensive coordination with the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation, the Saipan Department of Public Works, and the Office of the Governor Planning Office. Construction documents included culverts, street paving and sidewalks, signalized intersection, landscaping features, signing and striping.

GHD provided full engineering design services to convert an existing commercial street into a pedestrian mall within the Garapan Special District. Work involved preparation of plans, specifications and estimates to reconstruct and extend existing storm drainage system through its beach outfall; reconstruction of existing street, curb, and sidewalks to a pedestrian friendly mall with drainage, streetlights, landscaping, street furniture (hardscape) and varied paving patterns. The design provided access for emergency and delivery vehicles, relocated overhead power lines and cable television to underground services, adjusted water, sewer and telephone services, and provided connections to all retail establishments. Special attention ensured that grading drains stormwater runoff away from existing doorway thresholds for all buildings along the mall. The work was part of the USD30 million master plan concept study developed by GHD.

Roads & Highways


There is a sense of urgency to deliver smarter, safer and more affordable roads to assist in improving traffic flow. This demands efficient road infrastructure that offers network reliability, certainty of journey time and is sensitive to the environment.

We assist out clients to assess the life of their asset portfolio, explore how to maximise capacity of existing infrastructure and find least life cost alternatives to enhance the performance of their network.

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We have a strong reputation, a record of accomplishment in providing world-leading technical support and advice for all areas of structural design and assessment.

Demand for GHD’s services continues to grow as the company completes and advises on a number of significant structural projects for some of the world’s tallest buildings, inlcuding Al-Bidaa Tower, Dubai Tower and the Doha Convention Center and Tower in the United Arab Emirates.

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Our services cover the following:

  • Traffic engineering
  • Transport planning
  • Road, rail and aviation planning
  • Coastal and marine planning
  • Transport terminals
  • Integrated transport systems
  • Public transport strategies
  • Cyclist and pedestrian planning
  • Carpark planning and design
  • Transport economics

These services support feasibility and infrastructure planning and design works for urban developments, roads and highways, pedestrian, cycling, public transport infrastructure, water and air borne transport systems.

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