HSU College Creek Housing

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As the university’s campus engineer, GHD was appointed to design an innovative, all-weather synthetic turf soccer field along with 165,000 square feet of student housing and including water and sewerage services.

GHD completed the civil site design for the construction of the new College Creek apartments at Humboldt State University. The civil site design included the design of water, sewer, storm drain and fire water supply for the support of the nearly 165,000 square feet of new housing and support facilities.

Design services included realignment of two streets within the HSU Campus, design of a fire access lane and coordination with the City of Arcata Fire Department, modifications to a storm drain channel including installation of a headwall, the coordination with the City of Arcata for storm drain detention and storm water treatment to meet Regional Water Quality Control Board and local requirements. A notable feature of the design was the inclusion of an in-filled synthetic turf soccer field that meets NCAA requirements for college soccer.

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