Interstate 5-Deschutes Road interchange improvements, Anderson, California, USA

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As part of our integration with Omni-Means, GHD was engaged by the City of Anderson to study and develop interchange improvement alternatives, including the addition of a new northbound off-ramp, at the I-5/Deschutes Road interchange. The need to increase transport safety and efficiency is driven by large-scale development proposals in the vicinity.

This study included detailed traffic modeling, traffic operations analysis, and preliminary design alternatives. We also prepared a detailed Roundabout Conceptual Approval Report, Project Study Report, Project Report, and environmental approvals for the roundabout interchange. After the Traffic Impact Fee Program (also produced by GHD) was adopted by the City of Anderson and Shasta County in 2007, funding was secured in 2011 to undertake design phase 1 of the project, which includes a new off-ramp and 5-leg/2-lane roundabout for northbound traffic.

Overall, the project was particularly complex due to the addition of the fifth leg to the intersection, a narrow two-lane Interstate 5 underpass, the relocation of the existing frontage road, and the Union Pacific Railroad main line overcrossing less than 500 feet to the east.

Our design alternatives analysis resulted in agreement by all stakeholders that modern roundabouts at the ramp intersections provide superior traffic operations at a lower cost than that of a traditional signalized interchange.

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