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In the US state of California, a small property developer is benefiting from the environmental remediation of its property portfolio, which includes 15 shopping centres. Seven of these contained dry cleaning facilities and had documented releases of chlorinated solvents, which were historically used as part of the dry cleaning process.

Seeking to improve environmental and compliance outcomes, the developer engaged GHD to perform investigations of the dry cleaning facilities, commission remediation activities, and work closely with regulatory agencies overseeing the projects. Mark Dockum, GHD's Job Manager says, “We performed soil remediation (soil excavation activities) at two of the sites and successfully negotiated closure of these sites with the regulatory agencies.

Various remediation technologies including Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) and Air Sparge (AS) for soil as well as in-situ Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination (ERD) for groundwater are currently being completed at several of the other sites.

"The remedial methods used in this project, in particular SVE, AS and ERD, are excellent technologies that allow for remediation of the various media without the removal of soil and/or groundwater, and are at the forefront of industry practices."

Over the course of the project, GHD was commended by the regulatory agencies for the quality of its work, and ability to provide excellent technical interpretation of the data and clear communication of schedules/ progress at each of the sites. This seamless delivery has meant that the investigation and remediation activities have proceeded at a much faster pace than most projects.

Once the projects are completed, the developer will have boosted the value and versatility of its property portfolio and will hold environmentally unencumbered properties allowing for unrestricted future use.

For more information, contact:

E: Mark Dockum
Tel: +1 415 296 2040

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