Infrastructure report for Candlestick Point and Hunters Point

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GHD developed an infrastructure concept report for the Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Development, a 750-acre, proposed commercial, research and development, and residential redevelopment project which includes 10,000 residential units.

The report presents conceptual designs for mass grading, low pressure water, high pressure water, recycled water, storm drain, treated storm drain, sanitary sewer, and joint trench systems. It also documents assumptions and analyses made in conjunction with the designs of these systems.

GHD also participated in the development of a construction phasing plan for the project, which will occupy a duration period of approximately one decade and which incorporates multiple environmental, geotechnical, transportation, and other coordination issues. We developed construction cost estimates for the utility systems presented in the infrastructure report. The construction cost estimates were developed using GIS and incorporated construction phasing. Coordination with numerous consultants (construction, architecture, landscape architecture, sustainability, transportation, environmental, geotechnical), City staff (the Mayor’s office, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission), US Department of Defense, US Navy, and state and federal environmental agencies has been ongoing.

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